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Teaching and Learning with the Internet

Delivery Modes
We offer three delivery formats that use Internet technology for delivery. As of Fall 2008, Moraine Valley has adopted the following definitions of these three types per Illinois Community College Board (ICCB) guidelines:

  • Internet (formerly Online)
    All Internet courses have section numbers 300 - 349. Ideally, Internet courses are delivered entirely via the Internet, that is, students can complete the courses without attending any traditional face-to-face classes. An Internet course in one in which Moraine Valley professors use Blackboard to deliver all content, facilitate interpersonal communication (faculty-student and student-student communication), collect all student work, and assess student performance. However, an Internet course may require a face-to-face orientation, a placement test session on campus or an exam to be taken at a proctored test site. Courses that require these types of sessions, but have face-to-face time of 799 minutes or less are still classified as Internet courses.
  • Internet Hybrid (formerly Classroom/Online)
    These courses have section numbers 350 - 399. In an Internet Hybrid course, face-to-face seat time is reduced by providing a significant portion of the instruction via the Internet. Internet Hybrid courses have class sessions and activities that must be completed via the Internet as well as class sessions that require attendance in a face-to-face setting. Internet Hybrid courses must meet on campus for a minimum of one credit hour or 800 minutes. Faculty teaching these courses must gain written approval from sub-division Deans and show proof of scheduled classroom time before the class will be permitted to run.
  • Internet Enhanced (formerly Online Supplement)
    Theses are courses that require students to access learning materials through Blackboard or another Learning Management System to supplement traditional instruction but does not result in a reduction of face-to-face class time.


Faculty Resources
We have compiled a list of web-based technology tools and resources.


Faculty Resources - Blackboard
We have compiled a list of resources about how to use the features in Blackboard Version 8. These resources include documents and video clips.