Moraine Valley Community College || Counseling || FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What exactly is counseling?
    Our counselors provide educational, career and personal counseling to students. The variety of services assists you in establishing academic goals, developing a career direction, and making personal adjustments to get the most from your college experience.

  2. Who does the CCDC serve?
    Services are for currently enrolled students.

  3. What's the difference between advisors and counselors?
    Counselors assist in the areas of in-depth career counseling, academic and personal counseling. Advisors are staff who help you select courses, an academic degree, develop a transfer plan (if you plan to transfer) and ensure you are taking the right courses for your degree or certificate.

  4. Will my counseling appointment be confidential?
    YES! Counselors will respect the privacy of individuals, as well as confidentiality with a few exceptions to comply with the law.

  5. Do I need an appointment to see a counselor?
    Yes. To make an individual appointment with a counselor, contact the Counseling and Career Development Center.

  6. Where is the Counseling and Career Development Center (CCDC) located?
    The CCDC is located in Building S, Student Services Center, Room S202.To make an appointment with a counselor, call (708) 974-5722.

  7. How much will counseling cost me?
    We provide counseling services at no cost to currently enrolled Moraine Valley students.

  8. How do I know counseling services can help me?
    Counseling services can support you in career decision-making, academic challenges or personal concerns.

  9. What do I need to do to attend the workshops that are offered through the CCDC?
    You will need to register for these workshops by visiting the CCDC, Room S202, or by calling (708) 974-5722

  10. Are adult career seminars offered for community adults?
    Yes! Seminars are offered each semester and adults can register by calling (708) 974-2110 (TTY 711).