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Course Offerings

HDV-100-Human Potentials (2 credit hours)

Become aware of your potential through discussion of achievements, strengths, values, and goals. Learn strategies for success in school and in your personal life. Group participation is included.

  • HDV-100-001 or HDV-100-300—Healthy Romantic Relationships (not a substitute for COL-101) This course will explore the dynamic of realizing a love relationship to its fullest potential. Topics will include becoming a healthy individual as the foundation of a successful romantic relationship, understanding differences in communication styles, avoiding unhealthy relationships, and understanding how personal values and strengths influence healthy relationships.
  • HDV-100-002—Human Potentials for Veterans Only (substitute for COL-101)
  • HDV 100-003—Human Potentials for Latino Students (substitute for COL-101)
  • HDV-100-009—Human Potentials for Center for Disability Students only (substitute for COL-101)

HDV-111-Career Planning (2 credit hours)

Examines theories and principles of career planning. Explore types of careers and jobs. Learn how to form an effective decision-making strategy in choosing a career and how to be successful in a career.

*Please note: HDV-111-009—Career Planning for Center for Disability Students only

Noncredit Career Planning Seminars

CL3-850—Career Assessment Seminar (noncredit, 3 weeks)
Make informed career choices and develop a career plan by taking and reviewing the results of assessments to identify your career interests and abilities.

See class schedule for complete list of sections offered.