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The Code of Conduct staff is committed to providing you and your students with accurate and relevant information regarding student conduct issues. You may request the following programs and presentations to be delivered to your department or to your students by contacting the Code of Conduct Office. Presentation length and content can be adapted to your needs.

For Faculty and Staff

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Code of Conduct 101
The Code of Student Conduct establishes standards for student behaviors and a hearing process. In this presentation, participants will learn:

  • The purpose, philosophy, and jurisdiction of the Code of Student Conduct
  • Specific behaviors that constitute a Code violation
  • Options for educational sanctions
  • The steps of the student conduct hearing process
  • Methods of reporting incidents
  • How to become a member of the Community Standards Board
  • Other resources for faculty and students

CIVITAS: Civility in the Classroom
In 2003, American University launched a civility campaign and produced an award winning educational video. This video is a series of humorous vignettes that capture common classroom disruptions. Participants will watch the video, analyze the demonstrated student behaviors, and discuss best practices for classroom management techniques.

Disruptive or Disturbing: Recognizing Signs, Responding to Students
Student services staff and other front-line college employees see students daily, and some students exhibit signs and behaviors of anxiety, stress, anger, substance abuse, and even distress. These signs and behaviors, which can be disruptive or disturbing, come out everywhere from in the classroom to in the line at the cashier's office. This presentation provides concrete information about recognizing the signs of students in distress, responding to disruptions and resolving conflicts, and referring students to appropriate resources, such as the Code of Conduct Office, Counseling and Career Development Center, Center for Disability Services, and Moraine Valley Police Department.

FERPA – Protecting Student Rights and Privacy
FERPA is a federal law that protects the privacy of a student’s educational records. Faculty and staff should understand the law and when records can be released. Participants will learn:

  • Fundamentals of FERPA – history and student rights
  • When and what information can be released to parents or students
  • April 2011 updates to FERPA
  • The role of FERPA in emergency situations
  • Specific guidelines for faculty in academic matters

For Students

These programs and presentations can be brought to your classroom, student organization event, student employee trainings, student leader events, and more.

#Civility: Social Media and the College Student
Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube are great fun for most students and can serve an important purpose for social and professional networking, job searching, and much more. Social media, however, also can be a huge pitfall for students who use it inappropriately. This engaging presentation highlights a few cases of social media use gone wrong, civility on a college campus, and college policies.

CIVITAS: Civility in the Classroom
In 2003, American University launched a civility campaign and produced an award-winning educational video. This video is a series of humorous vignettes that capture common classroom disruptions. Students watch the video, analyze the demonstrated student behaviors, reflect on personal experiences, and discuss appropriate ways to act in the classroom.

Conflict Resolution
People face conflict everyday within their families, on the roads, at the grocery store, and on the college campus. Everyone deals with conflict in different ways, which can lead to even more conflict. In this presentation, students will learn about their own conflict management style, how to improve their conflict management style, and general tips for resolving conflicts.

Jeopardy: Code of Student Conduct
America’s beloved game show is transformed into an educational program about the Code of Student Conduct. This Jeopardy game tests students’ knowledge about the student conduct process, examples of inappropriate behavior, and Moraine Valley trivia.

A Pirate’s Life for Me: Computer Piracy on College Campuses
Downloading music, movies, TV shows, and software is often easy but always illegal without proper copyright privileges. The federal government is cracking down on students who download media illegally on college networks. This presentation covers relevant federal laws and college policies, the ethical dilemma of downloading, and case studies of prosecuted college students. Great for technology or computer classes.