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Community Standards Board

What is the CSB?

The Community Standards Board is a panel of faculty, staff, and students that hears Code of Student Conduct cases. Used in the most serious of student cases, the CSB conducts an investigation, decides if the Code was violated, and decides educational outcomes that the student must complete. The CSB is a valuable tool for educating students and for maintaining a safe campus.

Why should I join?

For students, being a CSB member can be a great learning and leadership experience. Through CSB training and participation, students can expect to:

  • Enhance active listening skills
  • Learn ethics and conflict resolution skills
  • Utilize analytical and critical thinking skills
  • Formulate well-reasoned questions and decisions
  • Strengthen understanding of the Code of Student Conduct

Trained panelists also will have the opportunity to volunteer as CSB Advisors. Students who are accused of violations have the right to an advisor and may request one from the Code of Conduct Office. Advisors help students prepare for the hearing and may sit with them during the hearing. When CSB members serve as advisors, they only advise the student and do not participate in the decision-making process.

What is the commitment?

CSB hearings occur regularly throughout the Fall and Spring Semesters, but each CSB member may expect to serve on only one or two per semester. Each hearing can last anywhere between 30 minutes and two hours. CSB members must complete all necessary trainings, which typically occur once per semester.

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Note: Faculty and staff do not need to complete an application form. Faculty and staff can enroll in CSB trainings through Training Manager on MVConnect.