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Skill Enhancement

Basic Skills and English as a Second Language Training Classes

To be effective on the job and to meet the demands of companies competing in a global market, today's workers need a good understanding of fundamental skills in reading, writing, communication, mathematics and the English language. The Corporate, Community, and Continuing Education's professional staff at Moraine Valley can help businesses develop affordable, customized programs to meet their needs.

  • Customized marketing in the form of informational meetings to elicit buy-in of employees
  • Individual assessment and program development
  • Flexible scheduling at the workplace or at Moraine Valley campus

Customized Basic Skills and English as a Second Language Programs

Our professional staff works closely with employers, first to identify areas of need and then to design programs for employees. Programs may include one or more of the following:

"English as a Second Language Classes offered on site by Moraine Valley have increased our employees ability to more effectively communicate with supervisors and co-workers on the job. In addition, our employees appreciate the fact that we're investing in them, and it has helped in retention."

John Scalzo
Profit Center Manager
Prairie Packaging

  • Basic Skills Enhancement
    For employees who need improvement or review in reading, writing, communication and/or mathematics skills in order to meet the demands of their job, prepare for further training or be ready for job advancement.
  • General Educational Development (GED)
    For those who need review in preparing for the GED (high school equivalency diploma) test. This program covers the five content areas that make up the GED test and helps prepare participants for the test.
  • English as a Second Language (ESL)
    For people who speak a language other than English and want to speak, read, write and/or understand English better. This course includes conversation, reading, listening and writing practice, including job skills and language knowledge needed on the job.
  • Free Initial Consultation
    Our professional staff can help companies zero in on specific training needs, helping to develop training programs tailored for each client. Grants also are available for qualifying skills enhancement programs. Free initial consultations may be arranged by contacting Nancy Glickman, Coordinator of Assessment and Training.

Secretary of State Literacy Grants

Funding for basic skills and English as a second language classes are available through the Secretary of State’s office in the form of literacy grants. These grants are competitive and are awarded on a yearly basis. For more information contact Nancy Glickman at or by phone at (708) 974-5386.