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Nondestructive Testing

Since 1978, Moraine Valley has been meeting the needs of its students and Midwest businesses by providing training and recertification classes in nondestructive testing.

What is nondestructive testing?

Testing methods used to examine an object, structure, material or system without impairing or destroying it. Tests usually are done to determine material integrity.

Is this a career for you?

A few short courses could lead you into an exciting apprenticeship where you could be evaluating the structural soundness of bridges, nuclear facilities or rollercoasters, or determining the soundness of an airplane, or a rocket to the moon.

Why choose NDT as a career:

  • Challenging and exciting career field
  • High demand for qualified technicians
  • Opportunities for career growth and advancement
  • Competitive pay with benefits and career stability

Customized Training

On-Demand Delivery
Let the training come to you! Our regularly scheduled courses can be customized to your business needs and delivered in your workplace.

Grant Availability
The Department of Commerce and Economic Opportunity offers employer training investment grants to companies in our community. Public classes or customized training for your employees are available.


Liquid Penetrant (16 hrs) and Magnetic Particle (24 hrs) prepares you for an apprenticeship job in the nuclear, petrochemical, railroad and manufacturing sectors.

Ultrasonic I (40 hrs) and Ultrasonic II (40 hrs) prepares you for an apprenticeship as an ultrasonic technician evaluating welds, and building structures.

Radiation Safety (40 hrs), Radiation Testing I (40 hrs), Radiation II (40 hrs) prepares you for an apprenticeship in the amusement, nuclear, and petrochemical sectors.

Eddy Current (40 hrs) prepares you for an apprenticeship in the aerospace and nuclear sectors.

Students successfully completing the following course work will be eligible for an interview at a local NDT testing facility:

  • Liquid Penetrant ND8-107-001
  • Magnetic Particle ND8-108-001
  • Ultrasonic I ND8-208-001
  • Radiation Safety ND8-112-001

Moraine Valley Community College partners with a group of companies that will interview candidates for employment upon completion of these four classes.


American Society of Nondestructive Testing

American Society of Nondestructive Testing — Chicago Chapter