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Meeting the Challenges

As global competition increases and we face the challenges of baby boomers retiring, new supervisors must be developed to lead us through the 21st century. Supervisors are often put in their positions because of their technical expertise. This program gives new supervisors the skills necessary to succeed with the people part of the job, as well as manage their time, delegate work and build their team.

Modules are offered publicly on the Moraine Valley campus or can be brought to your facility as customized training. Training can be offered as half-day or full-day sessions, best suiting the needs of your organization.

Training focuses on:

  • Transition to Supervisor
  • Supervisory Best Practices
  • The Leader Within You
  • Effective Delegation
  • Building Winning Teams (part 1)
  • Building Winning teams (part 2)
  • Performance Management
  • Employee Development

Call today and let us work with you to build your supervisors into all that they can be, as well as contribute to their professional success and your company's bottom line!

To schedule an appointment to discuss your needs, or to set up customized training for your employees, contact us at (708) 974-5690 or