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Continuing Education for Health Professionals

Allied Health

AH8-010 — Basic EKG Interpretation
Learn about the conduction system as it relates to waveforms and measurements; identify sinus rhythms, atrial/ventricular dysrhythmia and A/V blocks. Textbook required. (24 CEUs for Nurses)

AH4-016 — Functional Metabolic Approach to Thyroid Conditions
This workshop offers the most up to date, scientifically based approach to thyroid problems. Learn a Functional Metabolic approach to thyroid conditions, which has given many patients on hormone therapy the relief they have not been able to achieve. The seven main patterns of thyroid dysfunction, reasons why doctors may miss some of them, and effective drug-free management options will be reviewed. Also covered will be reasons why the number one cause of thyroid dysfunction is really a problem with the immune system. (3 CEUs for Nurses)

AH4-015 — Introduction to Healthy Viewpoints
This is designed to enlighten individuals in the healthcare field on health and fitness concerns and empower them to take charge of their own and their patients' health regimens. Participants will become aware of lifestyle practices that accentuate healthy living. They will be able to establish individualized health and fitness plans. Not intended to be a substitute for physicians' advice, but rather it equips healthcare workers with a rudimentary understanding about how to stay fit and healthy themselves while giving them suggested techniques to use with their patients. Allows participants to be cognizant of preventive and corrective measures for common ailments and diseases, and gives them tools to use to complement their patients' physician-ordered routines. Participants will be able to explain to their patients useful ways to have meaningful dialog with their physicians regarding their health and fitness concerns. (3 CEUs for Nurses)

AH8-047 — Understanding Alzheimers Disease
Gain an up-to-date understanding of the dementias, focusing on Alzheimer's. In this course, participants will examine the disease process, diagnosis and characteristic behaviors. Learn current best practices to deal with challenging behaviors. Find out how to end the battles with bathing, how to engage the person with dementia in meaningful behavior and how to communicate through the end stage disease process. Prerequisite: Must be employed as a healthcare provider. Required textbook available in the bookstore. (.5 AEC) (8 CEUs for Nurses)

CPR and First Aid Series

AH8-039 — CPR for Health Professionals
This AHA Basic Life Support (BLS) course is designed for healthcare professionals. Intended for either new healthcare students or current healthcare professionals. Included: Adult/Pediatric CPR, one/two rescuer with barrier device, AED, and FBAO/choking. All materials included in fee. (0.5 AEC).

AH4-039 — CPR Renewal
Prerequisite: Must possess a current AHA CPR for Healthcare Professional (HCP) card. No exceptions. This AHA course will review the basics of HCP CPR. No book required.

AH8-087 — CPR and First Aid Instructor
Prerequisite: Must possess a current AHA CPR for Healthcare Professionals card. Designed for Healthcare Professionals to become certified to teach CPR, AED and First Aid. Upon completion of this course and being monitored, participants will be recognized as American Heart Association CPR/AED and First Aid instructors for two years. Call World Point at 888-322-8350 to obtain books. (1 AEC)

AH8-101 — Heart Saver First Aid with CPR
This AHA course covers basic breathing and cardiac emergencies, bleeding care, sudden illnesses and injuries. Ideal for community members and workplace employees. Participants receive an AHA FA card. Required textbook in bookstore. Note: Healthcare Professionals must take CPR for Healthcare Professionals (AH8-039) to satisfy the healthcare CPR provider requirement.

Entry-Level Healthcare

HC4-001 — Become a Caregiver
This 16-hour course will prepare participants for entry-level positions working in the in-home field of non-medical care of the elderly, disabled or infirmed. This program meets the qualifications and requirements for Home Services Worker. Textbook required.

AH4-014 — CNA Recertification
This course is for CNA's that have been previously deemed competent as a Illinois approved nurse assistants and have had a period of 24 consecutive months in which they have not provided CNA services for pay. This course will provide a theory update, skills review and evaluation of the 21 Manual Skills in a classroom, lab and clinical setting. Upon completion, the evaluator will complete a Manual Skills Evaluation Form and mail it to the IDPH registry. Proof of Immunizations and required paperwork are due no later than three weeks before first class session. 100% attendance is mandatory for this course. All participants must submit to electronic fingerprinting, in compliance with the Illinois Department of Public Health guidelines. If these mandates are not met, the applicant will be dropped without a refund. Be sure to allow six weeks to complete all requirements. Call (708) 974-5735 to request an information packet containing all of the requirements. The theory and lab session will be held on the college's main campus.

Massage Therapy

MA4-110 — Massage Tools to Help Hands
The careers of many massage therapists are interrupted or terminated because of self-injury, particularly to their wrists and hands. Even with proper body mechanics, therapists can still suffer hand and shoulder injuries. When the open palm method and massage tools are used along with proper body mechanics, these types of injuries can be avoided. This hands-on course is designed to help massage therapists achieve deeper penetrating pressure on their clients without exerting more force with their hands. Prerequisite: Must be a licensed massage therapist. Participants will be awarded 3 CEUs.

MA4-113 — Chinese Facial Fusion Massage
A relaxing and rejuvenating facial massage engaging 25 pressure points (including 2 on the hands). Techniques are learned and experienced that help tone, uplift, remove tensions, reduce facial lines and increase circulation to the face. Facial massage can benefit facial tics, Bell’s palsy, eye droop, sinus problems, eyesight (near and far), TMJ problems and can reduce scars. Participants will be awarded 7 CEUs. Linens and oils required. Prerequisite: Must be a licensed massage therapist.

MA4-113 — Indian Head Fusion Chair and Table
Based on the ancient Indian healing system of Ayurveda, this technique has been practiced for over a thousand years. The massage is calming yet revitalizing and focuses on the parts of the body most prone to tension and stress: the upper back, neck, shoulders, upper arms, face and scalp. This technique is delivered with the client fully clothed using a chair or as part of a complete bodywork session using a table. Indian head massage encourages relaxation and benefits the client in many ways including relief of eyestrain and headaches, promotion of hair and scalp health, improved concentration, increased circulation and reduced stress. Participants will be awarded 8 CEUs. Linens and oils required. Prerequisite: must be a licensed massage therapist.

MA4-114 — Fijian to Go
This mobile adaptation of Fijian massage requires minimal equipment and supplies. It focuses on the back, shoulders, gluteals and legs and is great for sporting events, family settings, as well as your massage office. It does not include walking on the client's back. It is a hands-saving. Participants will be awarded 4 CEUs. Prerequisite: must be a licensed massage therapist.

Medical Coding

MR4-013 — ICD-9-CM Update
This workshop is geared toward experienced ICD-9-CM coders. Participants must be familiar with the ICD-9-CM coding system. However, the workshop may be beneficial for people interested in updating existing coding knowledge. Workshop includes review of new and revised ICD-9-CM codes (and current issues related to ICD-9-CM coding that impact diagnoses procedure, and MS-DRG) assignment.

MR4-015 — CPT Annual Update
Intended for experienced coders in CPT/HCPCS coding systems. Covers new and revised CPT/HCPCS 2005 codes, reviews coding exercises in practice coding and current CPT/HCPCS coding issues; impact on APC group assignments and medical necessity requirements for outpatient and physician coding.

MR8-007 — CCS-P Exam Prep Class
Prerequisite: Prior ICD-9 CM and CPT coding experience and/or recent completion of the coding specialist certificate or equivalent program. Intended for experienced coding practitioner in preparation of “Certified Coding Specialist-Physician based” (CCS-P) certification exam. Evaluates and strengthens coding skills for exam. Contact AHIMA at for examination information. Textbook required. (0.5 AEC)

Non-Emergency Medical Transport

AH4-260 — Non-Emergency Medical Transport Safety Training (NEMT)
Provides certification training for the State of Illinois Healthcare and Family Services safety training requirement for non-emergency transport technicians under Public Act 95-0501. The class covers all aspects of transport safety issues relating to passenger safety and para-transit vehicle operations as provided in State of Illinois Department of Healthcare and Family Services, Administrative Rules and Regulations. Prerequisite: Valid Illinois driver's license.

AH4-261 — NEMT Re-Certification Safety Training
Provides re-certification for transport operators who have been previously certified through a Non-Emergency Medical Transport Safety Driver/Attendant program. Prerequisite: Valid Illinois driver’s license and prior certification documentation.


AH8-048 — 12-Lead EKG Interpretation
For nurses who want to enhance their basic EKG skills by learning to interpret the 12 lead EKG. Emphasis on path-physiology, 12 lead EKG characteristics and nursing implications. Prerequisite: Basic EKG Interpretation. (1 AEC) Textbook required. (16 CEUs for Nurses)

NU4-006 — Telehealth
This workshop will use home care, acute care hospitalization, and congestive heart failure (CHF) as background for understanding Telehealth. The benefits of Telehealth will be discussed plus one department's journey to Telehealth will be explained. (3 CEUs for Nurses)

NU8-078 — Current Nursing Practice Update (RN Refresher)
Provides comprehensive theory and clinical experiences for returning nurses to the healthcare setting, or practicing nurse professionals who wish to broaden their healthcare knowledge. This course is approved by the Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation. Proof of immunizations and required documentation are due no later than two weeks before first class session, and 100 percent attendance is mandatory for this 10-week program. If these mandates are not met, the applicant will be dropped without a refund. Please call (708) 974-5735 to request an information packet. Textbook required. Theory class sessions meet on Fridays from 8 a.m.-4:30 p.m. at Moraine Valley's main campus. Clinical meets on Saturdays from 6 a.m.-4:30 p.m., site to be announced.

NU4-259 — Wound Care
In this class, students will gain knowledge of the etiology, clinical findings and management options of wounds and skin complications that may be affecting their patients. The participant will also strengthen the skill of utilizing the information gained from a physical assessment and health history to provide a plan for optimal wound outcomes. (12 CEUs)

NU8-325 — B.N.A. Train-the-Trainer
Must be a licensed, registered IL nurse for at least two years including one year in the following areas: extended care unit, chronic care unit, hospice, home health agency, long-term facility, or geriatric swing bed unit of the hospital. This 32-hour IDPH program prepares nurses to become qualified instructors for Basic Nurse Assistant Training programs in Illinois, including Alzheimer's component. All materials included in fee. Full attendance mandatory. Evaluator workshop not included and completed at a later date. (2 AEC)

NU4-328 — Evaluator Workshop
This is the Manual Skills Evaluator workshop for RNs who have completed a Train-the-Trainer course. In order to attend and fully participate, it is mandatory to view the Performance Skills Videos/Manual Skills Assessment for Evaluating Certified Nurse Assistant/Aide Training and review the Nurse Aide Training Performance Skill Evaluation booklet. If you have not viewed the website content and reviewed the booklet, you will NOT be allowed to remain in the course. You can view the videos and download the booklet by visiting It is required to demonstrate both the beginning and completion of all 21 skills.

NU4-412 — Pain Management
Covers the basic physiology of pain, scope of the problem, reasons for under treatment, and principles of pain assessment. It will also include the pharmacologic treatments of pain. The role of the nurse in pain management will be addressed. (3 CEUs for Nurses)


AH8-080 — Phlebotomy Review
Review of phlebotomy principles and procedures to prepare entry level practitioners to challenge phlebotomy certification exams. Critical thinking, advanced concepts in phlebotomy and review of strategies will be emphasized. (.5 AEC)