Moraine Valley Community College || Economic Development Council for the Southwest Suburbs || Business Champion Awards

19th Annual Business Champion Awards

Business Champion Awards Banquet
Thursday, November 6, 2014 4-7 p.m.
Moraine Valley Business and Conference Center
Moraine Valley Community College
9000 W. College Parkway
Palos Hills, IL 60465

Nomination Guidelines

Deadline: Tuesday, Sept. 1, 2014

Nomination Criteria: Submit a nomination form and letter along with a short biography, describe why they are deserving of the award, description of services offered and why they are being nominated. Individuals or businesses can be nominated for as many award categories for which they qualify, but can win in only one category.

Nominate a business or individual who demonstrates strengths in the following categories:

  • Training and Development—Business that makes a significant investment in its workforce by encouraging lifelong learning of its employees.
  • Sustainability—Business committed to reducing its ecological footprint through the incorporation of
    environmentally sustainable practices.
  • Excellence in Government—A leader who demonstrates the foresight to create a healthy community
    through planning, economic development, leadership, and evidence of contributions made to the community.
  • Philanthropy—Outstanding philanthropic contributions made by businesses and/or individuals to benefit the cultural, educational, medical, and social service agencies in the community.
  • Entrepreneur/Small Business Person of the Year—Individuals or no more than three partners who own and operate or bear principal responsibility for operating a full-time small business with at least a two-year track record, show continued growth, innovativeness of products and services, potential for long-term business success, and evidence of contribution to the community and others.
  • Women in Business/Leadership Award—A woman of influence in business who supports the community and others and is a leading female professional who excels as a mentor, inspires and influences others to achieve results. Five to 10 years of professional experience representing a variety of industries, including manufacturing, nonprofit, legal and professional services.
  • Innovation—Compelling idea, product or service that demonstrates significant benefit to users and addresses market needs or creates a new market. Nominations can include technology, manufacturing, service, retail/distribution, or nonprofit.