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Ordering Textbooks/Price Matching

The Bookstore carries required and optional textbooks, plus rents a limited number of textbooks each semester. Textbooks can be purchased in the Bookstore in Building D or online. Inquire about textbook rentals at the Bookstore.

Price-matching Guarantee

Find a textbook cheaper? We match competitors’ prices! The Bookstore matches local bookstores’ textbook pricing and reserves the right to verify the price, time and date of the textbook. Book must match ISBN edition and condition (new/used).

If you are doing an online comparison:

  • The textbook must be offered by a retail establishment in the United States
  • Source may not be individuals selling at any auction sites, such as eBay, Amazon Marketplace,, or other similar websites
  • The textbook may not be an international edition
  • The source may not be publishers’ websites that sell textbooks to students at the same cost as to the Bookstore

Online Textbook Orders

Order your textbooks online, and we will ship them for free!

See required books for each course and how much they will cost by selecting your course title, code and section number. If you don't know the course abbreviations, you can find those on Moraine Valley's searchable schedule.

Online Textbook Purchases for Moraine Valley Education Center at Blue Island and for Southwest Education Center

Students can order textbooks online and pick up at the Blue Island Center or at the Southwest Education Center or can be shipped to your home. No shipping charges.

Credit card purchases—If you are paying for your textbooks by credit card and want to pick them up at the respective center, you must enter the center's address on the textbook ordering site:

Education Center at Blue Island
12940 S. Western Ave.
Blue Island, IL 60406

Southwest Education Center
17900 S. 94th Ave.
Tinley Park, IL 60487

Check or money order—If you are paying for your purchase by check or money order, your books will be shipped when payment is received. Once you place your order, the Bookstore will contact you by email or telephone with your purchase total. Prepaid business reply envelopes are available at both off-campus centers to mail your payment to the Bookstore. Upon receipt of the check or money order, your books will be sent to the off-campus center where you will attend class.