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Home of the Cyclones, Moraine Valley’s Athletics program has a strong tradition in success, fostering an environment conducive to academics and athletic excellence. Full-time Moraine Valley students are eligible to compete in the 12 sports offered.

Many Moraine Valley students continue their athletic careers at NCAA Division I, II and III colleges and universities. The college is a member of the National Junior College Athletic Association and the Illinois Skyway Collegiate Conference.

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May 12, 2015

Moraine Valley brings home Illinois Skyway Collegiate Conference All-Sports trophy

Moraine Valley Community College happily reclaimed the Illinois Skyway Collegiate Conference All-Sports trophy for the 2014-15 season—their sixth since capturing their first one 12 years ago.

The trophy recognizes the collective achievements of a college’s sports teams. Each of the eight colleges in the conference is awarded points based on its teams’ finish at the end of the season. The colleges are then ranked using total point accumulation. Moraine Valley was seven points ahead of second place—Waubonsee Community College. The Cyclones’ women’s tennis, women’s cross country, men’s golf, and men’s and women’s basketball teams each won titles.

Moraine Valley first earned the trophy after their 2003-04 season. Since then, the Cyclones have won it five more times, more than any other college. They last claimed it in 2011-12.

Competition is increasingly fierce, but the combined effort of athletes, coaches and staff yielded the award. “It is a very competitive conference with great coaching. It is a tribute to our athletes and coaches that we are back on top,” said Moraine Valley Athletics Director Bill Finn. “This award is the epitome of athletic excellence and helping our students succeed on the field as well as in the classroom. The key to bringing this back to Moraine Valley was recruiting great student athletes to choose our top-tier college and the support provided by our excellent athletics staff.”

May 6, 2015

Cyclones basketball game announcer says farewell to Moraine Valley

You’d think that octogenarian Bill Antonion would be taking it easy at this stage of life. Instead, he’s saying goodbye to his basketball game announcing duties at Moraine Valley after 15 years and pursuing bigger ventures at Governors State University.

“I’ve had a heck of a lot of fun. I’ve met a lot of nice coaches, staff and athletes over the years. It’s been a great experience,” said Antonion, who turned 86 in January. “I’m not your typical announcer. I go beyond just names, and I suppose that’s okay. I do it my way. I want to put a little excitement into it so I’ll differ my terminology like ‘There’s a hit from the left wing,’ or ‘A drive to hoop by so-and-so.’ Obviously it’s well received. I really love what I do, and I think it comes across.”

Antonion has called all the home Moraine Valley basketball games since 2000. Early on when athletic director Bill Finn coached the men’s team, Antonion would tag along on away games. Over the years he has announced NJCAA Region IV tournaments, worked area high school tournaments, been asked to announce baseball games, and was asked to announce at Governors State. But for most of his career, he wasn’t in the gym or on the field.

Growing up in the Woodlawn area and attending Hyde Park High School, Antonion met his future wife, Nancy, first at age 12 before they reconnected at a Name’s Day party eight years later. He served in the Korean War and returned home in 1953, the same year he married Nancy. He never participated in organized sports in high school because he worked to support his family, but he played in the neighborhood. His love of sports didn’t become part of his career until the 1990s.

When he first got married, Antonion worked at Hi-Lo Foods, then sold insurance at Metropolitan Insurance and State Farm. He had a family (four children) before retiring in 1995 and took some journalism and acting classes at Prairie State College. While in school he wrote for the college newspaper. After writing about someone in their Athletics Department, he took charge of the intramural basketball program before taking it upon himself to announce the women’s basketball games.

From there, Antonion became a stringer for the Star newspapers, covering high school sports for 4.5 years—something he loved. A fervid advocate of community college sports, he finagled his way into writing about those teams. “I discovered 60 percent of the Prairie State and Moraine Valley student athletes were local. The paper compromised and gave me a column to cover South Suburban College, Prairie State, Moraine Valley, Trinity Christian College, and Saint Xavier University. It was called the College Desk,” he said.

While working on a story at Moraine Valley, Antonion talked with Finn who related his trouble finding an announcer for games. Antonion didn’t hesitate to step up. Doing things his way, he put his all into the work. “It’s like calling a game on TV or radio. On a scale of one to 10, I’ll do six, where a regular PA announcer would do 1,” he explained.

He still has records from every Cyclone team he’s worked with including all Region IV tournaments. Nancy, his oldest daughter and a couple of grandsons have attended his games over the years. They’ve all been big supporters. “Nancy’s always backed me, even today. She says, ‘You enjoy it, keep doing it. It’s good for you.’ She’s never been negative,” he said.

Although he still has octogenarian aches, he still works out at the gym several times a week in addition to his announcing duties. And he doesn’t plan on stopping. “I’m like a 1960 Cadillac—looks good on the outside and inside, shot. All my good friends are gone, and I’m a survivor. I ask, ‘Why am I still around?’ Maybe I have more to get done. I’m still announcing,” he said. “The only way you’ll get rid of me is if I die with a mic in my hand.”

Antonion will keep on announcing more in depth at Governors State but will miss Moraine Valley. “Being the public address announcer at Moraine Valley has been rewarding and a great experience. I had the pleasure of being associated with an outstanding group of associates and friends who have been most helpful during my time at the college. The added bonus over the years has been knowing the athletic directors, coaches and even the officials, in addition to viewing the many student athletes on the court,” he said. “And hey, I’ll always be a Cyclone.”

March 11, 2015

Cyclones basketball ends, spring sports begin

The Cyclones are transitioning from winter to spring. Basketball ended with championships, and the spring teams are facing some new beginnings.

Both the men’s and women’s basketball teams finished their seasons in the NJCAA Region IV playoffs with each earning a championship in the Illinois Skyway Collegiate Conference. The women’s team shared the title with Oakton Community College.

Both the softball and baseball teams are in spring training this week. The men are in Harrison, Arkansas, while the women are in St. Louis, Missouri.

Both the baseball and men’s tennis teams have new coaches this year—Mike Kane and Robert Gates, respectively.

Throughout the spring season, some of the home games/matches will be broadcast live online. Stay tuned for those dates.

January 22, 2015

Watch the Cyclones live from home

Fire up the computers tonight to watch the women’s and men’s basketball games streamed live.

Tonight the Cyclones face conference rival Morton College. If you can’t make the game, then watch them through these links:

Women’s game starts at 5:15 p.m.:

Men’s game starts at 7 p.m.:

January 18, 2015

Cyclones celebrate All-Decade Team

They came from around Illinois. There was even one out-of-stater and two who had to coach a basketball game later that night, but nearly 40 Cyclone men's basketball alumni and former coaches flocked to the Cyclone Center Jan. 17 to celebrate the college’s All-Decade Team.

At halftime of the men’s basketball game that night, Cyclones athletic director Bill Finn announced the men’s basketball All-Decade Team, which included players from 1979 to 2010. Eighty-two players made the list comprised by Finn, who coached the men’s team for 22 years. With the assistance of Skip Dorn, his assistant coach during his tenure, he announced all the alumni (some by game nicknames) in attendance and had them line the court while praising the basketball program.

“I’m honoring the top players, and I’m proud of all of you. Over the years we’ve won over 700 victories, had four Final Fours and a runners-up appearance. We’re known as a traditional national power. I know I was tough to play for, but it’s nice to see you guys now, all grown up,” Finn said at the brief ceremony. “We loved the G Building, but we love this new building. It’s the college you helped build. We’ve had good times and bad times. I’m proud.”

After a group photo, all the alumni and their families congregated and reconnected at a reception.

Gender Equity Statement
Moraine Valley Community College is committed to providing, fair and equitable treatment of both male and female student-athletes. The goals and practices of the intercollegiate athletic program are to:

  • Sponsor intercollegiate competitive sports in accordance with the rules and guidelines of the National Junior College Athletic Association (NJCAA) and the Illinois Skyway Collegiate Conference (ISCC).
  • Foster broad programs of men's and women's intercollegiate athletics that are consistent with the educational objectives of Moraine Valley Community College.
  • Encourage excellence in performance by all (male and female) participants in intercollegiate athletics, as well as stimulate academic achievement through the maintenance of high standards of scholarship.
  • Maintain and increase balanced athletic program offerings for both men and women as students, budgets and community interests will allow.