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Adjunct Faculty Toolkit

We appreciate you selecting Moraine Valley Community College and sharing your time and expertise with our students. The Adjunct Instructor Toolkit was created with your needs in mind. We want to give you tools to provide effective instruction to our students. The resources listed below are recommendations selected with your success in mind. We know that you have a wealth of knowledge about your subject matter and these items are to compliment and give you some strategies for teaching.

If you have any questions or need additional assistance with any of these categories please contact the Center for Teaching and Learning at (708) 974-5502. I look forward to working with you!

Toolkit Topics

Syllabus Writing

The syllabus serves multiple purposes in your classroom. It can be used as a course map to provide a guide of how the course will proceed over the time period commitment of the course. A syllabus can also be used as a checklist to allow the students a place to reference during the semester. It should outline all the assignments and include due dates so that students can plan accordingly. Lastly, the syllabi serves as a statement of expectations about the student/instructor role in the class.

Creating a Syllabus-Tools for Teaching

What is an Effective Syllabus?-University of Minnesota Center for Teaching and Learning

Technology Policies on Course Syllabi -The Chronicle of Higher Education

Teaching Strategies

Students are all different and that means that their learning will be different. The idea of providing multiple ways to teach the same information may seem overwhelming. The links below are some suggested strategies to use in your classroom.

Using Cartoons to Instruct

Online Teaching Strategies-University of Michigan Center for Research on Teaching and Learning

Instructional Game Templates

Instructional Planning

Preparation allows you to curb the nightmare of last minute details ruining your class. An effective teacher plans learning experiences based on student learning outcomes. The links below are a few tools to help you with your planning process.

Electronic Lesson Plan

What I do on the First Day of Class - Western Kentucky University

Preparing or Revising a Course - Tools for Teaching

Enhancing Instruction with Technology

Technology is a great supplement to instruction. Your students use technology daily and they expect to see it in their learning environments. It is never a good idea to use technology for the sake of technology and the links below represent resources that can be used effectively in your courses.

Professors’ Use of Technology in Teaching

Wordle - Word Clouds

Assessment in the Classroom

Classroom Assessment is a vital piece of your instruction. We all have our own forms of assessment that work in the classroom. In an effort not to reinvent the wheel, here are some links that represent a compilation of activities that instructors are using in their courses.

Authentic Assessment Toolbox

Assessing Learning Objectives Bloom’s Taxonomy

Quizzes, Tests, and Exams