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Faculty Resources

AV Equipment/Podiums—Audio visual equipment is available through Multimedia Services, L111, (708) 974-5261. Please note that a 24-hour notice for equipment is required. Rooms with podiums will not require the services of Multimedia as they are equipped with the latest technology. Podium Training Quick Guides are available at the CTL site. For more information about Podium Training, contact Anthony Marcasciano at (708) 974-5676 or

Duplicating—Reprographics in L110 is open Monday-Thursday, 7:30 a.m.–7 p.m. and Friday, 7:30 a.m.–5 p.m. Hours change during breaks and on staff development days. Photocopying machines also are available in designated subdivision offices. Faculty have the ability to send documents online instead of providing hard copy to be duplicated in reprographics. Documents must be copy-ready (prepared exactly as you want them duplicated). See the Adjunct Faculty Handbook for additional information.

E-mail/Mailboxes—Adjunct faculty are requested to use and check their Moraine Valley e-mail regularly. It is requested that the Moraine Valley e-mail be used for correspondence with students. Most campus information will be sent to adjunct faculty via e-mail. Please check your personal mailbox located in your subdivision on a regular basis.

Emergency Information—To report a crime or an emergency, call the Moraine Valley Police Department (MVPD) Communications Center at extension 5555 using any campus telephone, by picking up any of the red emergency telephones located throughout the campus buildings, or any of the blue emergency telephones located in each of the college’s parking lots. Moraine Valley police officers are trained to provide emergency first aid for the ill or injured, and in the use of automated external defibrillators.

Final Exams and Final Grades—Final examinations are mandatory and must be held during the final examination week. Posting of grades is not permitted. Please refer to the Adjunct Faculty Handbook for additional information.

Parking—You do not need a parking sticker during daytime hours. Adjunct faculty members are allowed to purchase parking stickers, valid for fall/summer/spring semesters. The parking sticker is valid in designated faculty parking spaces Monday-Friday after 4 p.m. and all day Saturday and Sunday. The cost is $10. Forms may be obtained from your subdivision office.

Photo ID—Photo ID Services are located in Building S, S100, (708) 974-5620. Adjunct faculty should have a current photo ID. Photo IDs are issued by filling out the Adjunct Faculty Verification of Academic Contract. Validation stickers for updates are available each semester through your subdivision office.

Scoring Exams—Computer-scored examinations can be handled in Information Technology, Building L, Room L141. Scantron sheets are available in your subdivision office. Scantron Instant Test Scoring is available in B240 (Academic Faculty Center) and in D149C (Adjunct Office). Forms for this service are available in your subdivision office. Apperson Grade Master scoring is available in C154 (Science, Business and Computer Technology office). Scoring forms for this machine are available only in this office.