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All grade reports are processed after the last official day of the semester.

Students may view their final grades online through the student portal MVConnect by logging in with your username and password. Once logged in, there is a self-service tab at the top left of your portal page that will have a variety of options. To find your grades, click My Academic Profile, and then Grades.

Grade Point Average—A student's grade report received after each semester, as well as a student's transcript, will indicate current grade point average (GPA).

Grade     Grade Points per Credit Hour
A             4.0
B             3.0
C             2.0
D             1.0
F             0

Other Grades

No credit, no grade points, not figured in GPA

No credit, no grade points, not figured in GPA

W—Official Withdrawal
No credit, no grade points, not figured in GPA

Passed course, not figured in GPA

R—Repeating a Class
Students may repeat a course but will not receive credit for the course more than once. The most recent grade received will be computer into the cumulative grade point average and designated by an "R."

Application for “F” Grade Forgiveness pdf.

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