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College Level Examination Program (CLEP)

Moraine Valley Community College will not offer College-Level Examination Program (CLEP) exams during the summer semester. Please check back at the beginning of January for the spring semester schedule.

The College-Level Examination Program (CLEP) offers exams that enable interested individuals to earn college credit in a wide range of subject areas. Each 90-minute examination allows you to demonstrate your knowledge in a wide range of subjects. You are recognized and rewarded for what you know, no matter how or where you learned it--in school, on the job, or through your own reading, observation and independent study.

Moraine Valley is a national test site and offers all 33 CLEP exams to both students and the community at large. For Moraine students, please see below, for a list of CLEP exams accepted for credit at Moraine Valley Community College.

Find out your college's CLEP policy!  Each institution sets its own policy.  Moraine students should check with an Academic Advisor(S201) to see if CLEP will fit into their educational plan. 

Taking a CLEP exam at MVCC

  • Fees: The CLEP test fee is $80 per test. The Moraine Valley proctoring fee is $15 per test (nonrefundable).
  • Register and pay $80 exam fee(s) via My Account at the CLEP website.
                 Go to, click on Get Started with CLEP,   
                 choose How to Register for a CLEP exam, click on My Account to create
                 a personal account.   
                 Print CLEP Exam Registration Ticket. Ticket must be presented on exam day. 
                 CLEP registration is valid for six months and the expiration date is printed on your ticket.
  • Pay the $15 Moraine Valley proctoring fee.  Firstly, you must be in the system!  If you are not a Moraine Valley student, please complete an Admission Application on the MVCC website so that a MVCC Colleague I.D. number can be assigned for testing and payment purposes. Go to Admission Application, click on Click Here to Begin, choose Admission form-Screen 1 of 4 to complete the   
    Admission process. Or, Apply in person at the Admission Office, Student Services Center, Bldg. S, Room S101. Pay the Moraine $15.00 CLEP proctoring fee at the Cashier’s Office (S105) prior to testing.  Remember to keep your receipt…This receipt must be presented on exam day!

                                                 Cashier office hours:
                                                 Cashier's Office (S105) 
                                                 Mon.-Tues., 8:30 a.m.-7:30 p.m.
                                                 Wed.-Fri., 8:30 a.m.-5 p.m.

  • Call the Test Center at 708-974-5309 to choose a preferred testing day and time. 

On Test Day at Moraine Valley: 

  • Arrive in Testing Center, B101, 15 minutes before scheduled test with the following items:
    • CLEP Exam Registration Ticket - The name on the IDs must match the name printed on this ticket.
    • $15 MVCC payment receipt from Cashier’s Office.
    • Two forms of identification.
                  Driver’s license, passport or other government-issued
                  identification that includes your photograph and signature, as
                  well as a secondary form of ID that includes a photo and/or your
                  signature, such as a student ID. You will be asked to show this
                  identification to be admitted to the testing area. The last name
                  on your primary ID must match the name on your registration
                              Driver's License
                              State Picture Issued ID Card
                              Moraine Valley School ID
                              Other School ID with name and picture
                              U.S. Passport
                              U.S. Military Picture ID-
                              Military test-takers, bring your military ID and Social
                              Security card
                              Federal Picture ID
                              Alien Registration Card
                              Company Identification

After you have completed your CLEP test:

You will receive an unofficial CLEP score report. Please keep for your records. 

To post credit to Moraine Valley transcript, complete a Transfer Credit Evaluation Request at Admissions in Building S, Room 101. Transfer Credit Evaluation Request.pdf

If you selected Moraine Valley as your designated recipient, the Records Office will receive an official score transcript from CLEP about two weeks after you take the exam. The Records Office will evaluate the scores and post credit as applicable.    

Preparing to take a CLEP exam

Finding out your college's CLEP policy
Each institution sets its own policy. Moraine students should check with an Academic Advisor (S201) to see if CLEP will fit into their educational plan.  CLEP offers 35 different exams in various disciplines. Visit the CLEP Exam Descriptions Web page to learn more about each exam.  If you are thinking about taking a CLEP exam, please read through the information below.

How will CLEP scores transfer?
If you are a transfer student, please check with your particular college or university on passing score requirements and whether CLEP credit is accepted.  Passing scores for each test are determined by each college. Check with the registrar of your transfer school to verify CLEP acceptance and passing scores.

Score Reports
With the exception of "College Composition" and “College Composition Modular”, an unofficial score report will be available immediately upon completion of testing. Scores for "College Composition" and “College Composition Modular” will be mailed about two weeks after the exam date. To see a schedule of Scoring Dates and Score Report Mailing Dates, please go to the CLEP Score and Transcripts Web page.

Special Accommodations
If you have a learning or physical disability that would prevent you from taking a CLEP exam under standard conditions, you may request special accommodations. For details, please contact Academic Outreach before you register at (708) 974-5710 or L244.

Retaking the Test
Candidates may not repeat a CLEP exam of the same title within six months. Scores of exams repeated earlier than six months will be canceled and test fees forfeited.

CLEP Study Materials
Learn how to prepare by visiting the Preparing to Take CLEP Exams Web page
          CLEP Official Study Guide

          The CLEP Official Study Guide describes each CLEP test and provides sample   
          test questions.  It also provides lists of additional study resources. It is
          available for purchase at the CLEP website.  Individual exam study guides
          also available for purchase at the CLEP website. 

Moraine Valley Library CLEP Materials
Copies of the CLEP Official Study Guide book are on reserve in the Library.  The CLEP Official Study Guide book can also be purchased at the College Bookstore.  Check local libraries as well.

Moraine Valley CLEP policy

Do I have to be a currently enrolled student?
Yes. To have CLEP scores posted to your transcript you must be currently enrolled and taking classes in the semester you are taking a CLEP exam and/or registered for the following semester at Moraine Valley Community College.

Can I take a CLEP exam for a class I have previously attempted? 
A CLEP exam cannot be used to complete a grade of “I” or “W” or to repeat a course for a higher grade.

How many CLEP tests can I take? 
Please be aware that students can acquire no more than 30 credit hours of CLEP to be used as equivalencies for MVCC coursework.

Posting Credit to MVCC Transcript
The student is responsible for posting scores to his/her Moraine Valley transcript.  To do this, complete a Transfer Credit Evaluation Request at Admissions in Building S, Room 101. 
Transfer Credit Evaluation Request pdf. 

CLEP scores are listed on Moraine Valley transcripts as CLEP General Credit with the score shown in parentheses.


College Level Examination Program (CLEP)
Minimum Scores to Receive Moraine Valley Course Credit
CLEP Examinations Equivalent Passing Score Credit
Business Law, Introductory BUS-136 50 3
Marketing, Principles of BUS-130 50 3
Composition and Literature      
American Literature LIT-213, LIT-214 50 6
English Literature LIT-221, LIT-222 50 3
College Composition COM-101 50 4
Foreign Languages      
French Language FRE-101 50 4
French Language FRE-101, FRE-102 59 8
German Language GER-101, GER-102 50 8
Spanish Language SPA-101 50 4
Spanish Language SPA-101, SPA-102 63 8
History and Social Sciences      
American Government PSC-110 50 3
Educational Psychology PSY-215 50 3
History of U.S. I: Early Colonization to 1877 HIS-201 50 3
History of U.S. II: 1865 to the Present HIS-202 50 3
Human Growth and Development PSY-105 50 3
Social Sciences and History SSC-101 and SSC-102 50 6
Sociology, Introductory SOC-101 50 3
Psychology, Introductory PSY-101 50 3
Western Civilization I: Ancient Near East to 1648 HIS-101 50 3
Western Civilization II: 1648 to the present HIS-102 50 3
Humanities HUM-101, HUM-102 50 6
Science and Mathematics      
Mathematics, College MTH-120 50 3