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General Information for All Transfer Students

1. Select a Major

  • Not sure what to select as your major?
  • Moraine Valley’s Counseling & Career Development Center can assist undecided students in career planning, including a 2-credit course, HDV-111, and Career Planning Workshops.
  • MyPlan features an excellent “What Can I Do with a Major In…?” resource highlighting career paths related to various majors. View job descriptions and requirements, related majors, employment statistics, and average salaries for a wide variety of careers.
  • The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics publishes the Occupational Outlook Handbook with extensive career information. Students can browse occupational groups by subject, highest paying, fastest growing, or most new jobs. There is also a search which filters career options by median pay, entry-level education, on-the-job training, projected number of new jobs, and growth rate. This is a great start for undecided students looking for in-demand career choices.
  • For a list of additional career planning resources, visit the Career Planning Links.

2. Locate a Transfer School

  •  Not sure where to transfer?
  • The Illinois Board of Higher Education is great for in-state and select out-of-state schools with options to search by institution type (public/private), institution name, subject areas, specific programs, and location. There is also a keyword search for specific programs.
  • College Source Online allows students to search with multiple criteria: type of degree, major, enrollment, institution type (public/private), state, and tuition. College Source contains a broader database of out-of-state institutions.
  • College Board allows students to search colleges with a greater variety of filters including sports & activities, support services, selectivity, housing, financial aid options, and diversity.
  • The Institute of Education Sciences features a College Navigator that allows students to search colleges by state, zip code, type of degree, institution type (public/private), tuition, enrollment size, housing, percentage of applicants admitted, SAT/ACT test scores, athletics, and religious affiliation.
  • U.S. News provides a University Directory to search colleges by degree level, campus or online, subject category, and specific programs of study. U.S. News also compiles college rankings based on various criteria such as tuition and fees, enrollment, acceptance rates, retention rates, graduation rates, and more.

3. Check a School’s Accreditation

4. Compact Agreement

  • The following Illinois universities have a compact agreement with Moraine Valley and accept our Associate in Arts (A.A.) and Associate in Science (A.S.) degrees as satisfying lower-division general education requirements and grant the student junior standing:
    Chicago State University
    Eastern Illinois University
    Governors State University
    Illinois State University
    Northeastern Illinois University
    Northern Illinois University
    Saint Xavier University
    Southern Illinois University at Carbondale
    Southern Illinois University at Edwardsville
    University of Illinois at Springfield
    Western Illinois University

    See transfer guides for these schools for special conditions that may apply.

5. Illinois Articulation Initiative

  • The Illinois Articulation Initiate is a statewide transfer agreement among more than 100 participating colleges or universities in Illinois.
  • To receive maximum transfer credit for the General Education Core Curriculum, it is highly advised that students select from the offerings listed on Moraine Valley’s Educational Planning Guide. These courses are approved as general education courses by the Illinois Articulation Initiative. These courses receive a specific IAI code that is the basis for transfer equivalency credit.
  • View a list of participating schools.
  • Note that the general education requirements vary from school to school. Transferability does not always guarantee completion of a specific school’s general education core. Cross-reference the Educational Planning Guide with school-specific transfer guides to create the smoothest transfer possible while completing your degree at Moraine Valley.

6. Additional Transfer Institution Requirements

  • Colleges may only accept grades of “C” or higher.
  • Colleges may only accept AP scores of 4 or higher.
  • College degrees are made up two primary course blocks: general education and major courses. Depending on the transfer school you select, there may be additional requirements.
  • Colleges may require foreign language coursework or competency. This is generally one or two years of college-level foreign language courses. Moraine Valley offers two-year sequences in Arabic, French and Spanish. Students may be able to meet this requirement by a proficiency exam or by completing a foreign language sequence in high school.
  • Colleges may require cultural studies and diversity courses. Moraine Valley offers courses that may fulfill these requirements indicated by (N) and (D), respectively, on the Educational Planning Guide.
  • Religious institutions often require mission-based coursework in religion/theology and/or philosophy.

7. Transferring Credits from Multiple Institutions

  • Moraine Valley accepts transfer credit from accredited colleges. It is important to remember that every school evaluates transfer credit independently. A course that transfers into Moraine Valley as BUS-142, Financial Accounting, may not receive similar transfer credit at another institution. Keep this in mind when working with your transfer guide.
  • Your transfer institution will require official sealed transcripts from every college you are transferring credits from. Request a copy of your Moraine Valley transcript.
  • The grade point average (GPA) on your Moraine Valley transcript only reflects coursework completed at Moraine Valley. If you need to calculate your GPA from multiple institutions to determine if you meet admission requirements at your intended transfer school, several GPA calculators are available:
    i. College GPA Calculator
    ii. Easy GPA Calculator
    iii. Raise Your GPA
  • CLEP credits are accepted by 2900 colleges and universities. College Board provides a search tool to check if your transfer institution will accept CLEP credit.

    Moraine Valley is a CLEP testing center. View more information about CLEP Exams at Moraine Valley.