Moraine Valley Community College || Assessment of Student Academic Achievement || Reference Guide to Principles and Practices

Reference Guide to Principles and Practices—Participants in Student Assessment

In a culture of effective student assessment, the participants display many of these characteristics.


  • take an active role in learning
  • participate fully in the assessment techniques of the classroom
  • develop self-assessment skills
  • work with the faculty as a partner in learning


  • incorporate assessment in the early stages of instructional planning
  • learn the needs of the students and design assessment techniques that meet their needs
  • use the O.V.E.R.T. model for qualities of effective classroom assessment
  • contribute to the effective development and administration of course and program assessment

Department Chairs

  • support faculty in the implementation of effective classroom assessment techniques
  • work with faculty to develop and assess course outcomes
  • use outcome assessment data to support curriculum review
  • collect and organize input from faculty for department reports


  • provide leadership and support to department chairs and faculty on issues of student assessment
  • oversee the coherence of course and program assessment initiatives

Director of Academic Assessment

  • articulates the purposes and goals of student assessment
  • provides leadership and support to faculty, department chairs and deans
  • works with faculty to effectively assess student achievement at the classroom level
  • works with department chairs and deans to effectively assess student achievement at the course and program levels
  • develops and delivers professional development programs on student assessment
  • organizes and administers the reporting of assessment results

Administration in Academic Affairs

  • develops the vision for student assessment through the college's statements of mission and purpose
  • demonstrates strong and continuing support for student assessment

Center for Teaching and Learning

  • provides resources to support faculty development
  • provides consulting services for instructional design