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Blackboard Outcomes Assessment

Blackboard Outcomes Assessment Overview

  • Web-based data collection and reporting tool.
  • Moves the office of Academic Assessment away from paper and pencil method of collecting data, creating more time for meaningful planning, reporting, and recommendations.
  • Assesses student learning of general education learning outcomes by aligning outcomes to assignments created in Blackboard courses. Assignments are graded using rubrics created by faculty.
  • Reports are then run by Academic Assessment.
  •  Driven by faculty use of Blackboard.


Fall 2013

  • Worked with Blackboard consultant for product training and pilot planning.
  • Conducted Fall 2013 pilot across 6 developmental education sections, assessing student learning of the Communicating general education learning outcome.

Spring 2014

  • Held face-to-face faculty training sessions.
  • Created training video.
  • Administered Blackboard usage survey to faculty.
  • 20 faculty members are collecting student artifacts across 26 sections. Communicating, Information Literacy, Social Sciences Perspective, and Scientific Awareness general education learning outcomes are being assessed.


Fall 2014

  •  Further testing is necessary, so Outcomes Assessment will remain on the pilot server. During Fall 2014, we will conduct another pilot, this time assessing the Literary and Artistic Insight and Social Sciences Perspective general education learning outcomes.
  • Continue face-to-face faculty training sessions.
  • Collaborate with the Center for Teaching and Learning to market Outcomes Assessment to faculty.
  • Bring Blackboard consultant back to campus for full-scale rollout planning.

Spring 2015

  •  Move to production server.
  • Full-scale rollout.
  • Continue face-to-face faculty training sessions.

Blackboard Outcomes Assessment Pilot Server

Blackboard Outcomes Assessment Webpage