Moraine Valley Community College || Student Government Association || Constitution and Bylaws

Constitution and Bylaws


Preamble __________________________________________
We the students of Moraine Valley Community College (MVCC), in order to provide a community that represents the academic and social interests of all by maintaining student rights and freedoms, encouraging student involvement, and improving general student welfare, do ordain and establish this constitution of the MVCC Student Government Association (SGA).

Mission Statement ____________________________________
The purpose of the SGA is to uphold the mission, strategic priorities and core exchange of ideas. The SGA will act as an advisory committee for the student body, and as a voice of the students, will be a liaison to the college administration. We are committed to the needs of our peers and we will strive to promote diversity, unity, respect, responsibility, and an opportunity for personal development outside the classroom.

Article I Name __________________________________________
The Name of this organization shall be the MVCC Student Government Association.

Article II Purpose and Objectives ___________________________
Section 1
All legislative powers herein shall be vested in the MVCC Student Government Association (SGA), which will consist of the Executive Committee and the General Assembly.

Section 2
The purpose of the SGA is to represent the academic and social issues of the students within the college community.

Section 3
The Objectives are as follows:

  1. Provide a forum for student issues.
  2. Identify service needs of students.
  3. Communicate student issues to the college administration.
  4. Establish opportunities for social and educational environments.
  5. Promote individual leadership development.
  6. Participate in college events.

Article III Membership __________________________________
Section 1
The Executive Committee shall consist of the following officers:

  1. President
  2. Vice President
  3. Secretary
  4. Treasurer/Historian
  5. Student Trustee

Section 2
The General Assembly shall consist of:

  1.  Executive committee
  2. No more than 20 SGA representatives
  3. Public Relations officer
  4. Inter-Club Council representative
  5. Office manager

Section 2a
Quorum of five recognized members is needed to vote at an official meeting.

Section 2b
Quorum shall consist of three executive members and 50 percent of the general membership.

Section 3
SGA Representative qualifications are as follows:

  1.  Enrollment in a minimum of six credit hours each semester at Moraine Valley Community College, and 75 percent completion of total hours.
  2. Cumulative grade point average of 2.5 or better for members and 3.0 or better for student trustees.
  3. Not concurrently holding any of the following positions and be on the Executive Board:
    a. Editor-in-Chief of the Glacier Newspaper
    b. Editor-in-Chief of the Mastodon
  4. Each SGA Representative is limited to two terms of service (four semesters). No person shall serve on the Executive Committee more than one term (two semesters) consecutively.
  5. SGA representatives must be able to complete the responsibilities outlined in Article V.

Article IV Advisor ______________________________________
The college shall appoint an advisor for the SGA and all of its operations.

Article V Responsibilities _________________________________
Section 1
Duties and responsibilities of all SGA members are as follows:

  1. Be knowledgeable of job description and duties, fulfill all duties.
  2. Attend all regular and special SGA meetings. Notify the Assistant Dean of Student Life and Judicial Affairs if a meeting will be missed.
  3. Attend Executive Committee and committee meetings as required on a regular basis with a planned agenda.
  4. Preside at and conduct all committee meetings as required on a regular basis with a planned agenda.
  5. Fulfill 15 hours (student trustee), 10 hours (executive committee), 2 hours (general members) of office hours each week and attend all meetings.
  6. Be acquainted with the constitution and rules of order established by the Executive Committee. Follow the mission and codes of the Student Life Office.
  7. Complete all tasks assigned to you by the General assembly or the Executive Committee.
  8. Sit on no less than one committee and accept appointment to serve on Executive Task Force.
  9. Serve at least five hours at a designated SGA recruitment table per semester.
  10. Attend a majority of SGA sponsored on-campus activities.
  11. Maintain communications with Student Life and the student body.
  12. Uphold the constitution and its mission.

Section 2
The President Shall:

  1. 1. Know the constitution and its mission. Understand the basics of parliamentary procedures and all the responsibilities of the president.
  2. Maintain communications with the Student Life Office, the Student trustee, the Inter-Club Council, and the advisor of the SGA.
  3. Receive and set priorities for the Executive Committee agenda items.
  4. Preside over all meetings of the SGA. President may be excused by the Executive Committee.
  5. Have the privilege to call an emergency meeting with 72 hours written notice to its member and the 6. press.
  6. Have the power to expend $100 with the authorization of the treasurer, and advisor.
  7. Have the privilege to call meetings or create committees and/or task forces.

Section 3
The Vice-President shall:

  1. Perform, in the absence of the president, all duties of the president.
  2. Accept the appointments of the Executive Committee.
  3. Assist the president and perform the duties the president may direct.
  4. Chair the elections board.

Section 4
The Treasurer/Historian Shall:

  1. Chair the SGA Budget Committee. The SGA handles only its budget, not Moraine Valley or Inter Club Council.
  2. Provide monthly reports of the SGA budget.
  3. Maintain a record of SGA account transactions.
  4. Manage all records of financial transactions.
  5. Maintain a history for SGA activities and events and maintain and produce Ed Snyder Award Book.

Section 5
The Secretary shall:

  1. Record and distribute the minutes of every meeting in a timely fashion.
  2. Copy and distribute all agenda items prior to the meeting.

Section 6
The Public Relations officer shall:

  1.  Coordinate all press releases with the Glacier.
  2. Edit any newsletter authorized by the General Assembly.
  3. Assist the Executive Committee in maintaining communications with the SGA and Student Life.

Article VI Meetings ______________________________________
Section 1

The SGA shall meet no less than twice a month.

Section 2
The Executive Committee shall meet no less than twice a month.

Section 3
A quorums is established in the General Assembly as 50 percent plus one and must be obtained to call to order. A quorum is established as three members for the Executive committee to call to order.

Section 4
Voting on any issue shall be conducted on a quorum and in the presence of the public. The President shall call for a vote. Secret ballots are expressly forbidden.

Section 5
All agenda items are to be submitted to the Executive committee in writing before a General Assembly meeting. All agenda items shall be copied and distributed to the SGA Representatives on the morning of a General Assembly meeting.

Section 6
All members of SGA have the right to voice opinions and to vote on issues raised in meetings. All members in the gallery have a right to voice their opinions in an orderly fashion.

Section 7
The SGA may determine the rules of its proceedings, discipline its members for disorderly conduct, and with the concurrence of the two-thirds the SGA may expel a member.

Section 7a
In the event of a vacancy, the general membership shall appoint a replacement by 50 percent plus one vote of the general membership. The replacement must be qualified for the position under the election qualifications.

Article VII Elections ______________________________________
Section 1
The Executive Committee will be elected each spring semester before April 14.

Section 2
The Executive Committee will be formed to judge the elections, returns and qualifications of each candidate. The Committee shall consist of the student Life Center appointed staff and all SGA representatives not running for re-election.

Section 3
The Student Life Center is responsible for publicizing elections, conducting elections and counting ballots.

Section 4
Any student who maintains a minimum grade point average (GPA) of 2.5 and is currently enrolled for six of more credit hours and meets those qualifications of the Constitution may petition for candidacy. Candidates must return petition by the date established. Candidates must abide by all rules and regulations on the Election Code.

Section 5
Any appointed SGA Representative shall serve one semester and must reapply for nominations by the third week of the start of the spring semester.

Section 6
A vacancy occurs when:

  1.  An SGA member has been absent from three meetings unexcused.
  2. An Executive Committee member has been absent from three Executive Committee meetings unexcused.
  3. A written resignation from an officer is received by the president and advisor.
  4. An impeachment occurs.

Section 7
Roll shall be called at the beginning and end of each Executive Committee and General Assembly meeting.

Section 7b
Leave of absence
A leave of absence may be granted for up to three weeks to care for personal or academic issues if provided in advance in writing. It should be presented to the SGA advisor or executive board at the student’s discretion. The student must wait for approval, and return to active participation on return due date. Notice must be provided at least one week in advance.

Section 8
Any SGA Representative may be removed from office for failure to carry out the duties specified by the constitution. Impeachment must take place at regularly scheduled meetings. An impeachment letter must be served to the individual by the secretary at least 10 days in advance of the impeachment meeting. The secretary must serve a letter upon the written request of one-half of the General Assembly (six if vacant positions occur). Two-thirds of the General Assembly must agree to the wording of the Impeachment letter. The letter must be officially entered into the minutes by the secretary. The Assistant Dean of Student Life and Judicial Affairs may remove members or officers for code of conduct violations.

Article VIII Amendments and Additions ______________________
Section 1
Amendments to this constitution shall be presented at the meeting prior to the vote.

Section 2
Amendments shall pass by a two-thirds vote of the entire SGA.

Article IX Amendments to Bylaws ___________________________
The Bylaws of this constitution may be amended by a two-thirds vote of the General Assembly.

Article X Ratification ______________________________________
The ratification of one-half of the SGA or unanimous consent of the Executive Committee and the student trustee shall be sufficient for the establishment of this constitution and bylaws. This constitution takes effect upon ratification.


Article I Meetings ____________________________________
The SGA will meet as prescribed in the constitution. All meeting notices must be published at least one week in advance and the meeting shall be open to the public. All meetings shall be held in the Student Union. An agenda must be present and minutes shall be kept.

All records of the SGA shall be made public except when two-thirds of the Executive members vote to close certain records. The reasons for closing records must be published within one week of such an action.

The president shall preside over all SGA meetings. The vice president shall fulfill this duty in the absence of the president. All visitors wishing to address the Executive Committee must be registered before the call to order. The president shall have the authority to limit a speaker’s time.

Section 2
SGA standing rules of procedure

  1. The SGA will meet as prescribed in the constitution. All the meetings must be published at least one week in advance and the meetings shall be open to the public. All meeting shall be held in the Student Union. An agenda must be present and minutes shall be kept.
  2. Meetings only can be closed for purposes of financial proceedings and personal conflicts between or among SGA members. The General Assembly is expressly forbidden to vote on issues or conduct business while in closed session.
  3. All minute motions must be submitted to the Secretary prior to their introduction. The motions must be typed include the author’s name and date submitted. All members of the audience wishing to address the SGA must register with the secretary before the start of the meeting. The President shall call on the names in the order they appear. The president has the privilege to limit the speaker’s time before the audience participation begins.
  4. All special meetings called shall be given 72 hours written notice. Notices must be delivered to each SGA representative, trustee, advisor, and the Glacier.
  5. The president shall preside over all General Assembly meetings. The vice president shall fulfill this duty in the absence of the president, followed by the secretary and treasurer. The secretary shall distribute agenda items and keep minutes. All minutes of the General Assembly must be published within one week of the past meeting. The treasurer shall report, or provide for such a report, on the SGA account balances.

Section 3
Select Committee standing rules and procedures

  1. Committee meetings shall be held according to the objectives of such committees. Meetings must be published one week in advance. All meetings shall be held within the Student Union. Each meeting shall have a planned agenda and minutes shall be kept. Minutes of all meetings shall be kept on file in the SGA office for public inspection. Committee meetings shall be open to the public.
  2. Committees shall be formed by the General Assembly. Each committee shall create a mission statement and objectives. The chair must be a SGA Representative in good standing and willing to accept the appointment. Any student or faculty member of Moraine Valley may sit on a committee. The chair has the privilege to limit the number of committee members.
  3. Each committee shall submit monthly progress reports to the executive committee. Progress reports should include minutes of meetings and records of all memos. In addition, committees shall conduct open hearings, investigate matters thoroughly and objectively, and publish its majority opinions before the end of the term.
  4. Closed committees. These committees shall exist solely for the purpose of handling confidential or otherwise sensitive material including, but not limited to, student transcripts and grade reports, disciplinary records and departmental budget information. Closed committees must be called at regularly scheduled meetings and require a two-thirds vote of approval.

Article II Elections ____________________________________
Elections shall be held to fill the positions of the Student Government Association president and the Student Trustee during the spring semester by April 14.

Section 2

  1. Polling sites shall be established in the Student Union, lower level and in front of the Library second floor. Polls shall be open on Monday and Tuesday between the hours of 9 a.m. and 1 p.m., and again between 5 and 7 p.m.
  2. Identification must be checked and student I.D. numbers recorded on the ballot. Voters will complete the ballot and return it to the clerk, who will fold it once and deposit it into a locked drop box. Voters shall maintain a five-foot interval. Candidates may not come within 20 feet of any polling place except to vote.

Section 3

  1. Returns shall be conducted by the Student Life Center. The Coordinator of Student Life will appoint two unbiased staff members to handle the documentation of the election counts.

Article III Appointments ____________________________________
Section 1
Any student wishing to apply for appointment to the SGA must procure an application from the SGA office, Student Union (U202). Applicant must divulge name, address, telephone number, social security number, credit hours taken, major or concentration and GPA.

Section 2
Students must procure a nomination from an SGA Representative at a regularly scheduled General Assembly meeting. Nominations must be agenda items and students shall have to present their approved applications. As per parliamentary procedure, no second is required. Stater nominations in this manner: “I, (SGA representative name) nominate (nominee’s name) for state position).” A simple majority vote is required.

Section 3
Renewals of Appointments
Appointments to elected positions shall last until the end of a semester. Any appointed member of the SGA may reapply at the beginning of the next semester.