Moraine Valley Community College || Purchasing



The Purchasing Department centralizes the purchasing function within Moraine Valley Community College. The purchasing staff seeks to maximize the value for every dollar expended and to ensure the efficiencies of all assets. The responsibilities of the Purchasing Department are:

Provide a professional, productive, and purposeful purchasing function at Moraine Valley for:

  • the procurement of goods and services
  • assisting departments in obtaining such goods and services of a high quality—at the lowest cost and in the time needed
  • the objective of monitoring and expediting such deliverables in an efficient manner within the constraints of state purchasing requirements and Moraine Valley procedures
  • the effective utilization of college resources
  • the management and disposition of material and equipment
  • and the nurturing and development of strong working relationships with vendors, the local community, and internal constituents

We strive to achieve these objectives through carefully defined ethical business practices and procedures.

Primary Objectives

The function of the Purchasing Department is oversight of the organization and administration of purchasing services for all departments. The primary objectives of the Purchasing Department, in conjunction with Board Policy 6210, are to:

  1. provide guidance with respect to communication and interpretation of state guidelines governing purchasing practice and the formulation and adoption of the College purchasing procedures
  2. be a liaison for the College on all matters pertaining to purchasing
  3. secure the best terms for the supply of goods and services with concern for the supplier credibility, cost, quality, delivery, and continued service after purchase
  4. lower the total cost of acquiring goods and services for the College by improving the buying process and recognition of the College's Purchasing Procedures
  5. promote effective communication and working practice among the departments and members of our staff involved in purchasing
  6. bid and establish contracts for goods and services when necessary
  7. properly dispose of all obsolete, used or surplus materials, supplies, and equipment

Vendor Relations and Sustainability

Moraine Valley Community College is committed to social and environmental stewardship and encourages a similar commitment by its vendors and staff. Moraine Valley participates in utilization of local business, minority, and women owned business and veteran business when applicable. Moraine Valley also makes and encourages sustainable purchases in accordance with the College’s commitment to sustainability where feasible and advantageous.

Business partners are expected to comply with all relevant employment and environmental laws. Furthermore, it is encouraged and expected that all business partners demonstrate a commitment to the protection of the environment, resource conservation and social justice in partnership with the College’s sustainability efforts to the greatest extent possible. The College's commitments to sustainability are available within purchasing and sustainability guidelines as resources in pursuing educated sustainable choices.