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The mission of the New Student Retention Office is to enhance and foster student success. Student Orientation and Registration (SOAR) and our College 101 course are essential components of that mission. Through programs and services provided by New Student Retention, students are well-equipped for their college journey, one that will help them make the most of their futures.

Student Orientation and Registration (SOAR)

New full-time students receive communications from the office of New Student Retention about the college's placement requirements.

Full-time students are required to complete all assessment tests, including reading, writing, and math skills. Students with acceptable ACT test scores or previous successful college credit may choose to use those scores as qualifiers for proficiency levels in place of the Compass exam.

Once students complete basic assessment, they are invited to attend a mandatory half-day, small-group SOAR program led by counselors and academic advisors.

The SOAR curriculum, which informs students about their first semester of college, includes informational sessions and small-group discussions introducing the academic and social environments of higher education, review of placement test scores, educational planning processes, introduction to the online SOAR Web site, including online registration tools, and individual assistance with course selection and registration.

College 101

This is a course that assists students in making the initial transition to college by helping to develop the attitudes, behaviors and skills necessary for college success in the critical first semester. The course also introduces students to available college resources.

Accessibility, Affordability, College Readiness and Completion Programs/Services/Resources pdf

Parent and Family Orientation Program

Information sessions are designed for family members of new full-time students to learn how to prepare for New Student Orientation, resources for students, career counseling, transferring to a four-year institution, financial aid and scholarships, privacy of student records, academic programs, and more. Bring your questions. Space is limited. Please RSVP online or call Richard Caldwell at (708) 974-5277.