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Tutor Training

The Moraine Valley Community College Literacy Program is part of a nationwide initiative promoting literacy for adult community residents. Our main purpose is to provide individual tutoring for adults living in our district who need help in developing essential reading, writing, and math skills. This program provides training for volunteer tutors who then work with students on campus or at any one of the participating libraries or community centers in our district.

The training programs for all new volunteers are offered two different times during the year. Each training program consists of a series of four weeks of workshops held on the same day/s and time/s each week, providing a total of 18 hours of training.

Fall Training Program—held during September/October
Spring Training Program—held during April/May

Volunteers need to complete all of the required workshops offered by the college in order to be accepted into our program. These volunteer tutors are then ready to work individually with an adult student or to work as tutors in the adult education classes.

Since students may enter the program at any time during the year, tutoring assignments are made based on the availability of tutors for the particular tutoring site and time requested by the students. Tutoring sessions are usually scheduled for two hours, once a week, for as long as the student remains in the program. The sessions are held mornings, afternoons, or evenings any day of the week, including weekends. Vacations and breaks are determined between the tutor and student. When a student attains a reading and/or writing level above the 6th grade, he/she may then enroll in either an adult education class or a college remedial reading class.

Assignments to work in a classroom are made when adult education teachers need volunteer tutors to help work with students during the class session. These teachers provide the materials and books that the students would be using.

Tutors who are working individually with students must maintain required record-keeping forms. Tutors who work as teacher aides in classrooms must report their hours at the end of each semester.

Online Tutor Training

Online tutor training is available through the Illinois Adult Literacy Volunteer Tutor Training Web site. This is an additional option for those who are not able to attend the training on campus. The training will take approximately 10 hours and the tutors will be able to complete the training at their own pace. Upon completion, an on-campus orientation of about two hours will be required. All tutors also are required to complete an application form.