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Student Employee Supervisors General Information

The Student Employment Program runs from fall semester to fall semester of each academic year. Job postings are removed at the end of July, and the job postings for the next academic year are posted at the beginning of August. Budgeted student employees must be enrolled in at least 6 credit hours for the fall and spring semesters and 3 credit hours for the summer semester. Work-study student employees must be enrolled in at least 6 credit hours for the fall, spring and summer semesters. Student employees earn $8.25 per hour.

If you are hiring a work-study student employee, you must obtain a copy of the student's Federal Work-Study Placement Award and their academic schedule from the student before hire. Work-study student employees only can work during the duration of the length of their course(s). See the Understanding Work-Study Student Employment sheet for further information regarding the length of time a student can be employed.

Work-Study Student Employment

Work-study student employees may only work while classes are in session and cannot work during holiday breaks or spring break.

For example:


Spring 2015
Start Date End Date
January 12 May 15
Spring 2015
Session Start Date End Date
Three-week session May 18 June 7
First Four-week session June 8 July 5
Eight-week session June 8 July 31
Second Four Week Session July 6 July 31
Fall 2015
Start Date End Date
August 17 December 11

If you would like your work-study student employee to work additional hours before their class starts, during winter or spring break, or after their class ends, then you must contact the Job Resource Center, (708) 974-5737, to switch them to a budgeted student employee, under your departmental budget. It is the responsibility of the supervisor to monitor start and end dates.


Request for Student Employee (Budgeted and Work-Study) Posting a Position

Clerical Employee

Lab Employee


Hiring Recommendation Form
Once you have selected the student, send this form to the Job Resource Center with the application. Please have the student sign the application.

Emergency Contact
All departments are encouraged to have their student employee(s) complete this form and make it accessible within the department if an emergency should arise.

Newly Hired Student Employee Information Form
Print this form and give to the student so the applicant will know the next steps of the hiring process.

Notification of Returning Student Employee Form
If you have a budgeted student employee who has worked in your department during the summer and will continue to work in the fall semester, please fill out this form and return it to the Job Resource Center by Aug. 15.

Termination of Student Employment Form
Student Employee Contract

Best Practices

Share and learn from other student employment supervisors resources and initiatives to take your department’s student employment to the next level.

Photo ID Department Student Employee Guidelines

For Supervisors

Student Employment Program Grievance Procedures
This grievance procedure outlines the formal policy and process for resolving disagreements with student employees and student employment supervisors in order to provide all members of the college with a positive and supportive work environment. The underlying intent of the policy is to encourage the resolution of any grievance at the lowest possible level of intervention. For more information, please click below or call us at (708) 974-5737.

Student Employment Program Grievance Procedure Overview
Supervisor – Grievance Procedures
Student Employment Program Grievance Form

College Policies

Student employees are expected to abide by all college policies. These policies are approved and endorsed by the college and Board of Trustees and dictated by federal and state mandates.

Americans with Disabilities Act
Canvassing & Solicitation
Clean Air Policy
Drug Free Schools Annual Notice Health Risks
Drug Free Workplace
Employee Code of Ethics
Equal Opportunity Employment
Ethical Purchasing Practice
Firearm Concealed Carry Act
Harassment Prohibition
Internet-Email Guidelines
Policy on Information Security
Sexual Harassment
Sexual Harassment Procedure

Additional Information

Understanding Work Study Student Employment Sheet

Procedures for Hiring Student Employees

Procedures for Terminating Student Employees

Sample Interview Questions

Sample Student Employee Timesheet

Supervisor's Handbook

Student Employee Evaluation

Student Employment Supervisor's Newsletter

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