Moraine Valley Community College || Job Resource Center - Staff


Pamela Payne, M.S.
Director, Job Resource Center
(708) 974-5435

Tamima Farooqui, M.F.A.
Job Resource Specialist
(708) 974-5313

Marie Harrell, B.S.
Internship Manager
(708) 974-5772

Erin Holman
Job Resource Specialist

Christine Chirillo, A.A.S.
Departmental Assistant
(708) 974-5451

Jeanne Ostrowski, B.S.
Internship Departmental Assistant
(708) 608-4105

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The mission of the Job Resource Center is to connect students, alumni, and community members to job and internship opportunities. Our mission is accomplished by providing excellent employer relations, job and internship listings, individual student and alumni appointments, workshops, job and internship fairs and other career-related events to enhance the successful pursuit of employment and internship opportunities.


The Moraine Valley Community College Job Resource Center is an innovative leader striving to educate a diverse audience by providing exemplary career-related resources and services to match the needs of the ever-changing world of work.