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Banking and Financial Information

The following list of local banks is for your convenience only and does not imply any special recommendation or endorsement. Students may wish to choose a bank closest to where they are living. This is not a complete list.

Local Banks

Bank 1
Oak Lawn, 10440 S. Cicero Ave. (708) 857-8222
Orland Park, 15100 S. LaGrange Rd. (708) 349-2500
Worth, 6838 W. 111th St. (708) 448-4711
Palos Heights, 6401 W. 127th Street (inside Dominick's) (708) 824-9966

Orland Park, 18 Orland Square Dr. (708) 349-1030
Tinley Park, 17401 Oak Park Ave. (708) 532-5050

Founders Bank
Worth, 7103 111th St.(708) 361-1731

LaSalle Bank
Chicago, 6331 W. Archer Ave. (773) 735-8222
Palos Hills, 10260 S. Roberts Rd. (708) 598-6363
Chicago Ridge, 6551 W. 95th St. (708) 424-0400
Oak Lawn, 4200 W. 95th St. (708) 423-7800
Oak Lawn, 5535 W. 95th St. (708) 424-2600
Oak Lawn, 4046 W. 111th St. (708) 424-7333
Orland Park, 15862 S. LaGrange Rd. (708) 349-4004
Orland Park, 50 Orland Square Dr. (708) 349-1333
Palos Heights, 12145 S. Harlem Ave. (708) 361-9600

Marquette National Bank
Bridgeview, 8020 S. Harlem (888) 254-9500
Evergreen Park, 9335 S. Kedzie (888) 254-9500
Oak Lawn, 10419 S. Cicero Ave. (888) 254-9500
Orland Park, 7560 W. 159th St. (888) 254-9500

TCF National Bank (also located in Jewel grocery stores)
Tinley Park, 17117 Harlem Ave. (708) 424-2288 
Palos Heights, 6410 W. 127th St. (708) 444-0490
Hickory Hills, 9357 S. Roberts Rd. (800) 823-2265
Oak Lawn, 10545 S. Cicero Ave. (708) 598-5050

United Trust Bank
Bridgeview, 8028 S. Harlem Ave. (708) 728-9900

Opening a Bank Account

Once you have arrived in the United States, you may want to open a bank account at a local bank. When you do so, bring your student identification card from Moraine Valley, your passport, Social Security card, and the funds you wish to deposit.

You must have a Social Security number, or a Taxpayer ID number, to open a savings account at a bank. If you don't have a social security number, you may apply for a Taxpayer ID number. Please ask the bank official. You do NOT need a Social Security number to open a checking account; your passport document should be sufficient.

The following is a brief description of the most useful banking services.

  • A checking account will permit you to write checks to make purchases and pay bills. Most retailers and service providers will accept a personal check drawn on any United States bank as long as you can show appropriate identification (passport, driver's license, or State Identification card). By using checks, it is easy to keep records of your purchases and payments.
  • A "debit card," also known as a checking card, or a cash card, allows you to withdraw or deposit money to your bank account using an automatic teller machine (ATM) and to make purchases at stores that accept the card. Some debit cards carry a credit-card logo (such as MasterCard or Visa), and can be used in place of a check or credit card. Debit cards are not credit cards, however, and they can be used only to the extent that you have funds in the account to which they are linked.
  • Savings accounts. Unlike most checking accounts, savings accounts earn interest on the balance of the account. If you plan to bring money for the entire academic year or for your entire academic program, you may wish to put your money in an account that earns interest. You can withdraw money from an ordinary savings account, but you can't do so by writing a check. 
  • Many banks offer so-called NOW (notice-of-withdrawal) accounts that combine the features of checking and savings accounts. With a NOW account, you may write a certain number of checks each month; such accounts can be very handy for students who maintain a relatively high balance and write relatively few checks.
  • Most banks offer similar services and fees, so it is recommended you find a bank that is most convenient. Downtown Chicago banks may provide more international services, but they are further to travel to if you must visit the bank.