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Alumni Information

Greetings to Moraine Valley international alumni. Beginning in 1989, Moraine Valley has offered special programs for international students. Since then, international students who were enrolled here have moved on to new and successful educational and life experiences. If you were a former international student, we hope you will contact us to let us know how you are doing now, and how your experiences in the U.S. and at Moraine Valley may have contributed to your personal growth and your career. Please let us know. We would enjoy hearing from you.

Also, please be advised that Moraine Valley may be doing promotional activities in your home country and we are interested in identifying alumni who may be able to assist. Often, we get requests from prospective students from your home country who want to talk to someone in their native language who has already attended here, and can give them a firsthand account of their experience at Moraine Valley. If you are interested, or might be willing to assist, in these activities, please contact us about this.

Thank you for visiting us, and best wishes for your continued success.

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