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Application Checklist

Use the following list to help you prepare your application.

1) International Student Application Form

  • The application form must be filled in completely. You must include the complete street address of your residence in your home country, mailing address, home country telephone number, e-mail and address and telephone number of any local relative or sponsor in the U.S.
  • Include your educational history in the correct section. Be sure to include the name, location and dates of attendance of your high school, and any post-secondary, university-level or English language training. 
  • The application must be signed and dated by the student applicant.

2) School Records

  • You should submit official, certified school records not photocopies. In most cases, you must submit documents issued by the school, the ministry of education, the government or official office responsible for issuing school records. If the documents are issued in English, you can submit these, or you also must provide an official English translation.
  • You must prove successful secondary school completion (such as school grade report, diploma, graduation document or secondary exam certificate results). Secondary school completion typically means at least 12 years of education. Submit final-year grade report and exam results. 
  • Include post-secondary, university-level or English language study information, educational records and/or grade reports. 

3) Proof of Financial Eligibility

  • Submit an original bank letter from the sponsor's bank or financial institution which includes the location of bank, the sponsor's account information, which is signed by a bank official. The evidence must prove there is a minimum balance of $16,540 or more in the account to support the student.
  • Submit the sponsor's financial affidavit of support from the sponsor, with the sponsor's name, address, telephone, and signature, which verifies the intention to sponsor the student for all expenses. The affidavit should be signed, stamped or sealed by an official notary, bank official or witness of documents.

4) Visa information (if applicant is currently in the U.S.)

  • Submit photocopies of the passport, biographical page and page showing the validity dates and expiration date for your passport.
  • Submit photocopies of the visa documents, the visa stamp inside the passport, the white I-94 arrival/departure card, and letters from U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Service.
  • Submit school information, a photocopy of your Form I-20, and a grade or attendance report if you are attending another institution.

5) English Language Ability

  • Not Required: TOEFL score can be submitted and is recommended. Minimum score of 213 (computer) or 79-80 (internet-based)

6) Essay

  • A brief, personally written essay describing your previous English experiences or about your academic goals in the U.S.

7) $25 USD non-refundable application fee