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Courses Offered

For course descriptions, refer to the college catalog.

Basic Nurse Assistant Training
HSC-100 Basic Nursing Concepts
HSC-110 Introduction to Health Professions
HSC-150 Basic nurse Assistant Training

Emergency Medical Services
EMS-100 First Responder
EMS-101 Emergency Medical Technician
EMS-102 EMT-Paramedic I
EMS-103 EMT-Paramedic II
EMS-104 EMT-Paramedic III
EMS-233 EMT-Paramedic Partnership
EMS-237 EMT-Paramedic Seminar

Medical Office Assistant
MAS-101 Introduction to Massage
MAS-110 Basic Swedish Massage
MAS-112 Sports Massage
MAS-114 Massage Modalities
MAS-118 Business, Ethics and Documentation
MAS-120 Massage Lab Practicum

Medical Office Assistant
MOA-140 Medical Office Administration
MOA-155 Medical Assistant Externship

Health Information Technology-including Coding Specialist and Medical Transcriptionist
MRT-105 Beginning Transcription
MRT-106 Advanced Medical Transcription
MRT-110 Medical Terminology
MRT-111 Health Information Management
MRT-112 Clinical Classification Systems
MRT-114 Health Care Computer Applications
MRT-115 Clinical Practicum I
MRT-116 Clinical Practicum II
MRT-117 Introduction to ICD-9-CM
MRT-118 Introduction to CPT
MRT-119 Insurance Reimbursement Procedures
MRT-120 Body Structure and Pharmacology
MRT-130 Computers in Allied Health
MRT-210 Introduction to Pathophysiology
MRT-211 Health Statistics and Data Analysis
MRT-212 Medical Reimbursement Systems
MRT-213 Supervisory Techniques
MRT-215 Clinical Practicum III
MRT-216 Clinical Practicum IV
MRT-218 Quality Management

NUR-140 Nursing Concepts I
NUR-141 Nursing Concepts II
NUR-142 Nursing Concepts III
NUR-150 Nursing Arts I
NUR-151 Nursing Arts II
NUR-152 Nursing Arts III
NUR-160 Nursing Clinical Practice I
NUR-161 Nursing Clinical Practice II—OB
NUR-162 Nursing Clinical Practice II—M/S
NUR-165 Nursing Transitions I
NUR-240 Nursing Concepts IV
NUR-241 Nursing Concepts V
NUR-242 Nursing Concepts VI
NUR-243 Nursing Concepts VII
NUR-250 Nursing Arts IV
NUR-260 Nursing Clinical Practice III
NUR-261 Nursing Clinical Practice IV
NUR-262 Nursing Clinical Practice V
NUR-265 Nursing Transitions II

PHB-105 Phlebotomy for Health Care Providers
PHB-110 Principles and Practice of Phlebotomy
PHB-111 Phlebotomy Clinical Practice Seminar
PHB-112 Phlebotomy Clinical Practice

PSG-105 Sleep Patient Care I
PSG-110 Cardiopulmonary Physiology
PSG-115 Sleep Patient Care II
PSG-120 Sleep Clinical Application

Radiologic Technology
RAD-127 Introduction to Radiologic Technology
RAD-129 Radiation Protection
RAD-130 Principles of Radiographic Exposures
RAD-131 Principles of Radiographic Positioning I
RAD-132 Principles of Radiographic Positioning II
RAD-133 Principles of Radiologic Technology
RAD-136 Clinical Education I
RAD-138 Clinical Education II
RAD-139 Clinical Education III
RAD-140 Radiographic Processing
RAD-141 Pediatric Radiography
RAD-240 Radiographic Physics
RAD-241 Advanced Radiologic Technology I
RAD-243 Application of Radiography to Pathology
RAD-244 Radiobiology
RAD-245 Advanced Clinical Education I
RAD-246 Advanced Clinical Education II
RAD-247 Advanced Clinical Education III
RAD-248 Departmental Administration
RAD-250 Radiographic Equipment and Imaging Modalities

Respiratory Therapy
RES-137 Microorganisms and Disease Prevention Practices
RES-141 Respiratory Therapy Procedures I
RES-142 Respiratory Therapy Procedures II
RES-145 Respiratory Therapy Patient Care
RES-154 Respiratory Therapy Clinical Practice I
RES-157 Respiratory Therapy Clinical Practice II
RES-158 Advanced Physiology and Clinical Application
RES-200 EKG Application and Theory
RES-250 Respiratory Therapy Clinical Practice III
RES-251 Respiratory Therapy Clinical Practice IV
RES-254 Respiratory Therapy Procedures III
RES-255 Respiratory Therapy Procedures IV