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Developmental education coursework prepares students to be successful in college-level courses in reading, writing, mathematics and intensive English language instruction. All developmental courses are fee-based credit courses, however, they do not count toward a degree or certificate. Grades earned in developmental courses will appear on the student's transcript, but will not be calculated into the student's grade point average. Classes are offered in a traditional classroom setting, online or hybrid that combines the two formats.


Full- and part-time students take the COMPASS placement test before registering for developmental classes. Some developmental classes also will require students to complete a pre-test during the first class period. The in-class test is used to insure students are properly placed. The pre-test results also are compared with the final exam grades to evaluate course effectiveness. This test does not count toward a student's grade in the course.


All students must take placement tests prior to registering for English composition courses COM-090 or higher unless they have completed college-level English courses with a "C" or higher, or received a score of 20 or above on the ACT in both English and reading.

Students who place into RDG-041, RDG-071 or RDG-091 must enroll in that reading course their first semester and continue in the reading sequence until RDG-091 is successfully completed.

There are seven developmental math courses. Not all math classes must be taken sequentially. Students also can test out of levels and advance to the next with an appropriate test score and teacher recommendation. Students must take the COMPASS test for correct placement.

Intensive English Language Program
Three levels of speech, grammar and writing are designed for the non-native English speaker. Residents of the district and international students may enroll. Potential students should contact the Multicultural Student Affairs Office in Student Services Center, Room S201 or at (708) 974-5475 for advising. The COMPASS-ESL test is required for placement.

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