Moraine Valley Community College || College: Changes, Challenges, Choices (Col- 101)


“I think College-101 course helped me overall. Even now that I don’t have it, I am still using what I learned in class. It helped me manage my time and prioritize my school life and my personal life.”
Orlando Anacleto

College 101 is a course designed especially to help you become a successful college student. You will be introduced to college resources, learn to develop your education plan, and revisit and/or learn new study skills, just to name a few course topics. You may even make a new friend or two along the way.

Course Description

College: Changes, Challenges, Choices (COL-101), provides an opportunity to assess your purpose for college and your study strategies, set college and career goals, examine your values and decision-making skills, and develop an appreciation for diversity. This one-credit-hour course is a requirement for all entering full-time students. All full-time students are required to enroll in and successfully complete COL-101 unless they have:

  • Previously earned at least 30 semester hours of college credit. Credit must be documented on a college transcript or
  • Successfully completed Moraine Valley course COL-101 or PSY-100 or
  • Successfully completed a course equivalent to COL-101 at another college. Course must be documented and have earned credit reflected on college transcript.