Moraine Valley Community College || Children's Learning Center

Learning Activities

Children are unique individuals who need acceptance of who they are and respect for who they will become. They are active by nature. Freedom to move, play, explore, and discover is vital to the learning process. Learning by being actively involved in tasks that are both meaningful and developmentally appropriate assures the children of the feeling of success and encourages a love of learning. By providing opportunities for children to take responsibility, make decisions, and learn through play in mixed-age groupings, we are meeting the needs of the child today while building a firm foundation for the future.

Understanding the child’s need to develop socially, emotionally, cognitively and physically, our curriculum focuses on providing experiences that will help children meet these needs. Creativity and natural curiosity are encouraged.

Mutual respect between parents and teachers enables us to work together for the benefit of the children. Realizing that parents are the primary teachers of children, we provide support and information so parents, children and teachers may form a spirit of cooperation and mutual understanding.

Children Learn While They Play

Activities in the Children’s Learning Center are designed to children learn and grow while they play.

Blocks, Practical Life and Manipulatives

Develops large and fine muscle control, visual discrimination, logical thinking, problem solving, self-discipline to complete a task, cooperation with others, and creativity.

Circle Time

Develops social, emotional, physical, and language development; listening and speaking skills; motor coordination; appreciation of music, literature and the arts. Gains respect for others and the development of self-control.

Library Corner

Develops a love and respect for books and literature, creativity, visual discrimination, and fine motor skills.

Discovery (Math, Science and Senses)

Develops beginning numbers concepts, observation skills, a sense of wonder, and appreciation of nature. Willingness to take risks in order to learn also provides a foundation for analytical and logical thinking and problem solving.


Develops fine motor, eye/hand coordination; creativity; and learning about colors, textures and shapes. Learns to express feelings through art, finishing a task, and develops a feeling of self-worth.

Housekeeping Area

Develops language, classification skills, creativity; grow socially and emotionally, understand self and others; cooperation, sharing, and the development of a positive self-image.


Develops large muscle control, social and emotional skills, observes rules and limits, and develops an appreciation of nature.


To further enhance childrens' learning experience, we provide tutoring in music and a second language. Additionally, the children visit other learning environments on campus, such as Culinary Arts, Earth Science, and the Fine and Performing Arts Center.