Local and national shortages of sign language interpreters sometimes make this service difficult to provide. Interpreters are not on staff at Moraine Valley. They are hired "as needed," so arrangements need to be made well in advance. The Center for Disability Service's interpreters do freelance interpreting, which means they accept assignments with other schools and agencies, so once they accept an assignment at Moraine Valley they may not be available for additional hours because of other commitments. Therefore, if students need an interpreter for a field trip, tutoring session, counseling appointment, etc., the CDS needs to make arrangements well ahead of time. Since it is difficult to schedule interpreters for additional hours, the CDS asks that students be flexible with their schedule to allow us to make appropriate accommodations.

The interpreters are paid whether or not students are in class unless they receive 48 hours advance notice. Students are asked to exchange telephone numbers with their interpreters so they can contact the interpreter if they will not be in class. If students miss three classes without giving the interpreter 48 hour advance notice, the interpreter services may be cancelled. It would then be necessary for students to meet with the director of the Center for Disability Services to reinstate this service.

It is important for students to be on time for classes. The interpreter will remain in the class for 15 to 20 minutes after class begins, but if students do not show or send a message, the interpreter may leave. Please call the Disability Services Office (L170) at (708) 974-2004 if you are going to be late for class so we can notify the interpreter. Repeated tardiness could jeopardize your interpreting services.

The interpreters the CDS uses are usually very dependable; however we cannot guarantee that an emergency won't cause an interpreter to miss a scheduled assignment. If an interpreter calls to cancel an assignment, the CDS will make every attempt to provide a substitute. If a substitute cannot be provided, it is suggested that students using an interpreter carry a tape recorder with them to their classes. In a situation where an interpreter does not show up for class, students can tape record the lecture and the CDS will make arrangements for the interpreter to translate the tape recording as soon as possible. If students cannot locate someone to take notes for them, they should discuss this with their instructor or contact someone from the Center for Disability Services.

Students currently enrolled need to bring their schedules for the next semester to the CDS office as soon as they register. Failure to do so in a timely manner could cause a delay in scheduling interpreter service.

Students may be asked to sign a contract each semester stating their knowledge of and agreement with these requirements if they have failed to follow procedures on more than two occasions.

Any concerns or problems students have with interpreters should be brought to the attention of staff in the CDS office. Every reasonable effort will be made to resolve the situation fairly.