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The following procedures will apply for consideration of requests for auxiliary aids, accommodations, or other special services.  Students should complete the steps below in advance of the anticipated need for services: 

 Fall semester application deadline is May 1
●  Spring semester application deadline is October 1
●  Summer semester application deadline is March 1

Processing times vary and are sometimes lengthy depending upon the number of applicants.  It is necessary to give the Center for Disability Services (CDS) the time and information needed to determine your eligibility and accommodations.  If a request is submitted after the deadline, the CDS will make every effort to accommodate the request but cannot guarantee that such a request can be met.  Late requests may result in delay of an accommodation for the current semester.

The procedures for application to the Center for Disability Services are as follows:

Registration with Center for Disability Services
Students will make an appointment with a counselor in the Center for Disability Services and provide documentation of their disability and need for accommodations.  This information will be kept confidential and only information necessary for the provision of appropriate support services will be released with students' written permission. 

Students will complete the Moraine Valley Community College for Disability Services' Intake  Form and two Release of Information forms must be signed.  These forms must be completed and returned to the CDS office before services can provided.  (Note:  The release forms must be signed by parent if student is under 18).

Click here to print a copy of CDS' INTAKE FORM.

Professional Staffing
The professional staff consists of the educational case manager, Center for Disability Services director and instructional coordinator.  Students' documentation, school reports, appropriate medical information, and other pertinent data are analyzed.  Students' eligibility, needed services, and auxiliary aids are then determined by the staff.  It is in the students' best interest to make sure that this information is sent to and received by the CDS.  If documentation is not complete or does not support requested accommodations, students will be directed to acquire additional documentation.  Additional documentation is acquired at the students' expense.

The COMPASS Placement Test (Computer-Adaptive Placement Assessment and Support System)
The COMPASS Placement Test consists of untimed tests in basic writing, reading, and numerical skills, plus additional tests in either elementary or advanced algebra depending on students' high school mathematics background.  Students can bring their own calculators from home for the math section.  This tests is required of all full-time students.  Part-time students registering for less than 12 credit hours are required to complete the appropriate placement tests in reading, writing, and mathematics prior to registering for English composition courses and/or any mathematics courses, or they must complete the reading and writing tests after attempting 11 credit hours.  The students may use their ACT scores in lieu of a COMPASS test if they scored a 20 or above in each category.  Each category  (rdg., com., and math) will be evaluated separately.
The CDS strongly recommends that students take the COMPASS test before registering for classes.  Its purpose is to identify students' strengths and needs in order to determine if developmental coursework is necessary in one or more areas.  Students will not do well in college if their reading, writing, and math skills are not at a college level.  Blind or low vision students who need assistance with COMPASS testing need to make an appointment through the CDS office.

Faculty Notification
The Faculty Memo of Recommended Services/Accommodations will be distributed to students at the beginning of each semester.  The student will hand deliver their memo to each instructor they want notified and discuss their accommodations/needs.  The memo is valid for one semester.

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