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Aristotle, Plato,'ve heard the names, now come find out what they taught! Moraine Valley's Philosophy courses introduce you to the great philosophers throughout history and help you explore how their philosophies affected Western thought. You will investigate the origin of knowledge, discuss the different approaches to seeking truth, and learn to apply the principles of logic and critical thinking.

Interested in learning about the philosophical teachings in other countries? Our World Religions course explores many of the world's major religions and examines how they have affected different societies around the globe.

Whatever your degree, you will benefit from studying philosophy by becoming a well-rounded student with an appreciation of how knowledge and moral principles affect your everyday life and career.

If you intend to obtain a bachelor's degree in philosophy, contact one of the philosophy faculty listed below and an academic advisor to discuss your options.

For more information on Moraine Valley's philosophy courses, contact Nick Thomas, department chair of Fine Arts and Humanities, at (708) 974-5755 or

Courses Offered

PHI-101—Introduction to Philosophy
PHI-111—Critical Thinking
PHI-120—World Religions
PHI-200—Philosophy of Religion


Mary Barney, M.A., M.S.C.
Instructor, Philosophy
Office Location: F246
Telephone: 708-974-5238

Jeff Christ, M.A.
Instructor, Philosophy
Office Location: F208
Telephone: (708) 608-4087

Sean William Doyle, M.A.
Professor, Humanities/Philosophy
Office Location: F232
Telephone: (708) 974-5561

Aaron Smith, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor, Philosophy
Office Location: F242
Telephone: (708) 608-4376