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Humanities courses present the history, literature, performing arts, philosophy, religion and visual arts of a society and help contribute to your personal enrichment, no matter what your major. The courses offered through Moraine Valley's Humanities Department help provide you with a well-rounded education and emphasize the broad-minded perspective necessary for success in any career.

Classes in Western humanities introduce you to the cultural aspects which helped shape modern Western society. Explore the artistic and intellectual expression of Africa, the Americas, Asia, the Middle East and Oceania to broaden your understanding of the world's diverse cultures. You can even explore women's contributions to the humanities or mythologies from around the globe.

If you intend to obtain a bachelor's degree in a humanities-related field such as philosophy, English, law or religion, contact an academic advisor to discuss your options.

For more information on Moraine Valley's humanities courses, contact Nick Thomas, department chair of Fine Arts and Humanities, at (708) 974-5755 or

Courses Offered

HUM-101—Western Humanities I: Foundations
HUM-102—Western Humanities II: Continuities
HUM-115—World Mythology
HUM-120—Women in the Humanities
HUM 135 – African and Middle Eastern Humanities
HUM 140- Asian and Oceanic Humanities
HUM 145 – Native American Humanities


Tammi Carlson, M.A.
Associate Professor, Humanities/Music
Office Location: F242
Telephone: (708) 974-5636

Randolph Conner, Ph.D.
Instructor, Humanities
Office Location: F232
Telephone: (708) 974-5389

Sean William Doyle, M.A.
Professor, Humanities/Philosophy
Office Location: F232
Telephone: (708) 974-5561

Kelly Speaker Hruby, M.A.
Instructor, Humanities
Office Location: F208
Telephone: (708) 608-4109

Vickie Neubeck O'Connor, M.A.
Assistant Professor, Humanities
Office Location: F250
Telephone: (708) 974-5218