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Study and create works in a comprehensive range of artistic styles and media, including drawing, painting, photography, printmaking, sculpture, and more.

Associate in Fine Arts Degree
If you plan to transfer to a four-year college or university to major in art or art education, Moraine Valley offers the foundation courses required in the first two years of an art degree. Students interested in transferring to a baccalaureate program should be aware that transfer admission will be competitive and generally requires a portfolio review for admission to the major, advanced course placement and scholarship consideration. Typically, the bachelor's degree for art or art education majors requires you to complete a sequence of courses in the major during your freshman and sophomore years, and will require that you complete additional general education at the transfer institution. Make an appointment with an academic advisor or member of the art faculty to explore your options.

For more information about Moraine Valley's Art Program, contact Erik LaGattuta, instructor of Drawing and Painting, at (708) 974-5481 or

Art Facilities

To provide you with the best learning experience, Moraine Valley has several art studios with modern equipment that will let you be your most creative.

  • Ceramics Studio
    The ceramics studio features pottery wheels, a glazing room, gas and electric kilns, and an outdoor ceramics area. The studio's numerous windows provide ideal natural light.
  • Painting Studio
    The painting studio accommodates students working in a variety of media. Natural light flows through the studio's all-glass western wall, overlooking the center's courtyard.
  • 3-D Design Studio
    The three-dimensional design studio houses a range of sculpture tools and construction equipment, allowing you to create three-dimensional work in a variety of media.
  • 2-D Design Studio
    The two-dimensional design studio accommodates a variety of art classes and features an expansive art display wall and 12 Macintosh computers.
  • Photo Studio
  • Digital Art Studio
    The digital studio is state-of-the-art and features Macintosh computers and industry-standard software.

Courses Offered

ART-101—Drawing I
ART-104—Drawing II
ART-105—Life Drawing
ART-107—Arts and Crafts
ART-110—Art Appreciation
ART-116—Two-Dimensional Design
ART-118—Three-Dimensional Design
ART-120—Painting I
ART-121—Painting II
ART-122—Painting III
ART-125—Ceramics I
ART-126—Ceramics II
ART-146—Introduction to Computer Art
ART-160—Introduction to Photography
ART-161—Camera and Darkroom Techniques
ART-162—Photographic Design
ART-205—Survey of Art I
ART-206—Survey of Art II
ART-208—Survey of Art III
ART-209—Survey of Non-Western Art
ART-246—Advanced Computer Art
ART-280—Independent Studio: Drawing
ART-281—Independent Studio: Painting
ART-282—Independent Studio: Ceramics
ART-283—Independent Studio: Photography
ART-284—Independent Studio: Design

Express Yourself

At Moraine Valley, we want the students in our Art Program to fully express themselves creatively. To encourage this, we offer the following:

  • Art Club
    Moraine Valley's Art Club provides an opportunity to meet others who share your interests, participate in projects, attend art showings, and visit art galleries in Chicago. The Art Club creates the exhibition schedule for the Student Art Gallery, located in Building U. This gallery space is both a venue for student artwork as well as an opportunity for students to learn how to plan, jury, curate, and install an art exhibition.
  • Student Art Gallery
    The gallery provides an opportunity for students to display their works.
  • Student Art Show
    The annual Moraine Valley Student Art Show displays the best of the best by the college's art students.


Tyler Hewitt, M.F.A.
Associate Professor, Art and Photography
Office Location: F232
Telephone: (708) 974-5219

Erik LaGattuta, M.F.A.
Professor, Drawing and Painting
Office Location: F248
Telephone: (708) 974-5481

Irene McCauley, M.A., M.F.A.
Professor, Art and Digital Art/Design
Office Location: F210
Telephone: (708) 974-5453

Lynn Peters, M.F.A.
Professor, Sculpture and Art
Office Location: F162
Telephone: (708) 974-5311