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Achieved Prior Learning (APL)


APL General Information Sheet

What is APL?
Achieved Prior Learning (APL) is a way to earn Moraine Valley Community College credit for what you already know from prior learning or work experience. It is designed to help Moraine Valley students obtain Moraine Valley college credit without repeating material. Faculty members assess your knowledge through written examinations, interviews and performance tests. Academic Outreach maintains a list of courses available for APL credit and the assessment methods.

Who is it for?
APL is open to all Moraine Valley students. Registration is accepted anytime during the year. Forms are available in the Academic Outreach Office, Building L, Room L244.

Is there a time limit on completing an APL?
Yes. You have 25 weeks from the day you register for the APL to complete all requirements, unless your instructor designates a different schedule.

Do APL credits transfer?
You should check with the registrar of the transfer school to verify acceptance of APL credits.

When and how can I register?
You can register any time during the year. Pick up instructions and forms at the Academic Outreach office, Building L, Room L244.

Is there a limit on how many APL credits I may receive?
To graduate from Moraine Valley, you must earn at least 25 percent of the program requirements at Moraine Valley, in addition to credit obtained through APL. Some programs further limit the number of courses for which APL credit can be received. An APL course appears on a transcript with the designation "P" and number of credit hours earned.

Can I use APL as an independent study?
No. APL is designed for those who already know the course material.

How is my prior learning assessed and graded?
Your knowledge is assessed by full-time faculty members in the appropriate academic or career discipline. The assessment itself may be a written examination, interview or performance test.

What is the difference between Proficiency Credit and APL (Achieved Prior Learning)?
Take a look at here.

Achieved Prior Learning (APL) Policies and Procedures

The Achieved Prior Learning program provides procedures, forms, record keeping, and a central office for Moraine Valley students who wish to obtain college credit without having to repeat familiar materials.

If you wish to complete the APL procedures, you must be enrolled at Moraine Valley and taking classes. You cannot repeat or complete a course using APL.

To obtain APL credit, you should

1. Be briefed by Academic Outreach staff on the APL program.
2. Check the master list of courses in Academic Outreach. If the class you want is on the list, note the instructors, options and requirements.
3. Obtain a Registration Form from Academic Outreach.

  • Complete the student portion of the Registration Form.
  • Contact Faculty and obtain consent.
  • Have instructor complete faculty portion of the Registration Form.
  • Obtain necessary faculty signature(s).

4. Return the Registration Form (with faculty signatures) to Academic Outreach.

  • Take Registration Form to Registration Office in Building S to pay tuition and fees.
  • Leave all copies of Registration Form in Building S after registering.

5. Complete assessment with instructor. You are graded on a pass/fail basis.  The P/Pass destination represents a grade of "C" or better.  This is not calculated as a part of your grade point  average. You will receive a copy of the Registration/Grade Form by mail after the faculty complete their evaluation.

The APL fee for a course is nonrefundable and may differ from the amount of tuition charged for a traditional classroom course.

Faculty member returns Registration/Grade Form (with instructor portion completed) and evidence of assessment to Academic Outreach. Students have the semester to complete their APL, unless a different time schedule is designated by instructor or department chair.

For More Information

Contact Academic Outreach, Building L, Room L244, (708) 974-5710